Who am I?

I'm a business mentor to 1000's of women globally. 

I'm a transformational life coach and speaker.

I'm a holistic nutrition and health coach.

I'm a qualified personal trainer and strength coach.

I'm a writer for Australian publications.

I was an editorial and fitness model and promotional grid girl.

I have danced my whole life and I love music and I am in LOVE with life. 

I am a gypsy gemini who loves to travel, with a heart of gold.

I'm on a huge mission to help women globally to wake up and realise their true potential that lies within them. 

Rebecca is a business mentor, health expert,

ex fitness model

and an entrepreneur

with a huge passion

and desire

to help women

get the heck out

of their own way

and start

making a living out

of their passions. 




Apart from her 'when I grow up' dream to be a race car driver or a professional boxer or even a detective (her questioning and curious nature) Rebecca really had no idea how it would all play out, but she went on a mission to live out her life; below is a snap shot look at her time-line journey to where she started to where she is today:


Age 14: Her starting point into the work force and creating an income - yup at McDonalds, her first ever job ever! Everyone was doing it when she was at school, it was kinda the cool place to work!

Age 15: First experiences with spiritual tools began, owning first deck of tarot cards and getting download messages via the universe through music. Weird huh?! Most people thought so too at the time, spirituality wasn't cool back then, 

Age 16: She Started doing photoshoots, Her modelling career began.

Age 17: Rebecca left school (didn't finish) and followed her insane passion for all things design and studied at University and College whilst she did jobs she hated to figure out what she really loved and wanted to do. She started to look into special effects make up, all things creative and design had her name all over it.

Age 18: Her leadership skills began at 18 years old, when she managed  a store of 25 staff (all older than me). 

Age 19: Modelling full time by this point and partying her way through life. Totally thought she was winning every weekend that she got smashed, nope, wasn't always a pretty picture of health!  This was also the age she hired and worked with her first coach in Mindset and Fitness. This was also the year one of her best friends at the time gave her a CD of 'The Secret' so she discovered the law of the attraction and how to manifest car parks - her manifesting journey began! 

Age 20: Another incredible job opportunity put her in a leadership role, this time being In charge of 450 stores across NSW with the company Nudie Juice. Selling and Marketing skills were learnt, oh and how to read a street directory, those things actually used to exist! 

Age 20/21: She took her first trip overseas and moved to England as a WAG with her professional athlete boyfriend and did modelling and travelled to a lot of cool places - the love for travel began here..

Age 22: Built her first website and ‘blogspot’ sharing words, 'cause I freakin love words'. Always teaching herself what she needed to learn as she built, learning everything from scratch via the web. She also created her first Vision Board this year. 


Age 23: She became an entrepreneur for the first time and Founded her fashion label, Le Bellabec, and because she never does anything half assed, she of course did fashion shows, was in the paper and magazines.

At this time she was also an EA for two managing directors of a  big broadcasting, tv and production company.

Age 24: Biggest Loser caught her heart and she knew that this was it, helping people feel and look incredible was so deep within her and she started to help everyone she knew with her obsession of fitness and health. Helping people lose 15kg+ just by her own self taught (once again) knowledge. Her addiction for learning and growing began young. 

She became a successful sold out personal trainer, sports model trainerand embarked on her fitness modellingjourney. Which saw her coaching girls all over Australia for photoshoots and comps. 

She never does anything in halves, she also managed and ran a sports supplement store, with the ambition to learn as much as she could about Nutritional support for the body. 

Age 27: After suffering from mental health - depression, anxiety and panic attacks it was time to leave the fitness industry and dieting behind and so after 6 months off and a move to the gold coast to heal she started her Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Science and diving into the depths of Yoga, mindfulness practice and all things wellness. She reconnected to her spiritual side. Journaling, Cards, Meditation.. 

Also evolving her leadership skills to coordinate a huge Australian team of athletes and promotional people at BSc (body science).

Age 28: With her love for health and food becoming a huge passion she jumped in and studied Health Coaching with IIN and created foodfitnesswellness.com which she has been able to successfully coach 1000s of women through diet, health, lifestyle, mindset and nutrition via online. Creating her own recipes and writing for many Australian magazine publications. Oxygen, Clean Eating and done numerous interviews and speaking engagements sharing her knowledge and success.

Age 29: With her desire to keep learning and becoming the best coach she could possibly be for her clients she studied Life Coaching with Beautiful You and also did BSchool with Marie Forleo, whilst she managed a chiropractic wellness cilinc in Sydney, and saw nutritional clients regularly in person.

Age 30: The year she went full time in the online space and no longer physically trained PT clients. 

Living the dream, working from anywhere and traveling as much as she could overseas. Her business and brand was fast growing. Completed UPW with Tony Robbins. 


Age 30/31: A friend of hers introduced her to an incredible whole foods support product and jumped into the world of Network Marketing industryand successfully created the Biz Babes and Co. ranking the fastest female in Australia to get to highest level in her company. This was also the year she became a first time 6 figure earner.Learning inside this industry gave her some of the best sales and leadership skills to date. She travelled the world first class and decided from this moment she would always build globally and never be location bound.

Present: Now-days, Rebecca is a extremely passionate and results driven, action based Business Mentor to visionary health and wellness coaches, network marketing babes wanting to take their business from unknown to influential in the online space. 

She has also launched and hosts her own podcast series each week which you can find here on iTunes.

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