Babe, don't you want to finally let go of the anxiety and fear around money? Yes?

Have you ever felt scared to open your bank account, is that a daily thing for you, Yes?

I know you babe; you're trying but you just can't seem to get where you want to be with money

Have you ever felt like - 

You have a love-hate relationship with money

You're literally scared to open your bank account every day, because you have so much fear and anxiety around money?

Or maybe you're the opposite and you just don't open your bank account at all until you really have to

MONEY IS JUST ENERGY - That's it! So why is it we attach so much emotion to it?

In this mini-masterclass you will learn:

How to understand the subconscious mind and reprogram it for more wealth and abundance 

Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys. Learn how to work with it to create a new reality.

What's your money attachment style is and why its blocking you from all the success you desire 

Are you someone who anxiously opens their bank account daily or are you the person who never looks unless you really need to, its time to free yourself from those icky feelings.

Affirmations, Mantras and changing your language so that money gets to be easy 

You will learn how to reprogram your mindset to live more abundantly. 

Tools and Rituals around living more abundantly 

Ill share with you the tools that both my clients and I personally use to create success in our lives. 

Whats included: 

>>>  (original training was live) Masterclass runs for 45mins which you can replay over and over as much as you like.

>>> 10min Manifestation Meditation to use daily

>>> 55 x Money Affirmations worksheet

>>> Community and Support

I'm so ready to get my money mindset right, yes I am!

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