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"Becoming an IIN Health Coach is a very exciting accomplishment that can also come with a lot of questions and fears.  I knew that when I was ready to get serious about building my business, the perfect mentor would come into my life and that is what exactly what happened when I connected with Rebecca  She has been such a source of inspiration and I have never been more sure of my decision to invest in myself. 

Her knowledge and passion in helping you to grow in all areas of life is something so special and unique and you can honestly feel the love that she pours into every bit of her work.  She offers so many amazing tools and resources and she truly takes the time to get to know you on a deeper level to help you relate and connect with the content she provides in building a successful business. 

I would highly recommend this beautiful soul to anyone who is looking to be challenged and is willing to put in the work it takes in becoming a successful coach!"


I reached out to Bec when the amount of bills coming in got rather overwhelming! So I reached out with a big request for help!

I had started doing some work with her on manifestation, and then the flood of bills came in and it started to feel counter-intuitive.

Talking through what it is that I want to attract financially each month and having some specific goals to read to myself every day has really changed my mindset - I start my day with positive thoughts, a specific focus which then leads me to take inspired action. Even after just a few days, the universe is giving me opportunities to make money and I am in a clear state of mind to see them, accept them, rather than focusing on the 'bills'.

Changing from a lack mentality to one of abundance has literally had a huge effect on my finances in just a matter of days!

From a true sceptic with nothing to lose, I highly recommend working with Rebecca around manifestation and your money mindset, it seriously works and with the guidance and support from Bec it created so much forward momentum for me and my business.


"My life has change so much over the last year so incredibly its hard to believe. Rebecca was a very important link in that change and continues to be there through my journey. When I first met Rebecca 4 years ago I was highly stressed and working 60+ hours in a corporate management high pressure career who desperately was trying to find health and wellness to help with my fertility. Fast forward 4 years My life has completely changed and Rebecca is that link and continues to coach me through my journey. I am now out of that crazy pressure cooker lifestyle I now get to work from anywhere and I now mentor others to not only live a healthier more balanced career life but assist with others health journeys especially around fertility health. Becoming a health coach and having Rebecca be my coach has been so rewarding. I am faced with daily personal challenges as I am working towards stripping away the old me, learning to hang onto the great things and move into growth and development of the things I need to change or get rid of. I love the person that I am becoming and its so wonderful to not have to do this alone. Its a massive transition from 1 style of career to who I am becoming but I love the person that I am becoming, I'm going from practice to purpose every single day. I encourage anyone like me to link arms with Rebecca and help her guide you it is so worth it I am forever grateful that she is my main link without her I would not be here today"


I made more progress working with Rebecca in 6 weeks than I have working on my own the last few years. My only regret is not finding her sooner! I feel like everything I do is in leaps and bounds and that Im so supported on my journey when I work with her as my coach. I signed up for the 16 weeks after completing 6 weeks. Having Rebecca support me through my life challenges along side business has helped me step into my purpose, be seen and share my mission. 


Without any doubt, if you're finally ready to step up and shift your life and business, this gal is your gal! 

I was hesitant to sign up, as I was tight on money but I knew I just had to work with her after following along for so long on instagram. I trusted that the universe would support me if I took the leap. Borrowed the money and easily made back that and more in our time together with clients. 

It has dramatically changed my life working Rebecca and Ill be forever grateful I took the leap.


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