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BABE, I get it, you wanna help everyone! 

Because that feels like the right thing to do, but can I let you in on a secret

- when you try help everyone you help nobody. 

So you're wanting to start your coaching business or you already have one but you haven't fully stepping into your truth or started making much money yet because not knowing your dream client is holding you back.  

Let me guess you feel like....

> you're doing all the things right but you can't seem to attract your ideal clients, no one is paying you?

Its like you have a store front window with nothing inside?

> You feel like you may as well be shouting, although you're not sure that even then would people listen.

> You're confused at where to even start, you want to help everyone.

> Like it's so hard to find clients

> No one wants to buy from you 

> You wonder how other coaches make it happen

> You're tired of worrying about if it'll ever work 

> That maybe you're not in the right profession or industry, that it was a silly idea to even try build a business in the first place...

I know how you feel, I really do. 

Years ago, I felt like I had a facade happening, from the outside it looked like i had the dream business as an entrepreneur but I was literally hearing crickets and watching everyone else around me succeeding. But times have changed for me, I am a fully booked out business coach and it can change for you too babe!

What I know to be true is....

There are clients out there waiting to work with you, waiting to hear your message and what you're hear to share with the world. 

There are clients who would love to pay you for your services.

This masterclass is designed to help you...

> discover who your dream client is

> how to help them

> how to speak directly to them and to get into alignment with the energy that manifests them into your business

 Decide right now that getting clients is easy.

This video training is designed to help you gain clarity and confidence on attracting your dream clients.

What you will learn : 

Discover who your client is and how to speak directly to her/him.

Learn how to get your audience hanging on every word you say. 

Be known and loved for what you do by your tribe.

Go from unseen to making an impact in someones life.

Leave a legacy from doing what you're passionate about.

Stop the hustle and start manifesting and attracting clients authentically.

Whats included : 

- 90min attracting and knowing your dream client video masterclass and Q+A

- Vibrational Alignment Meditation

- Knowing Your Ideal Client Guidebook

All this for only USD $97.00 (launch sale price)

To make your investment back, all it takes:

- Selling 5 copies of a $19 ebook

- Selling 1 course x $97

- signing your dream client or more than 1  (priceless)

The best part you'll have access to this over and over.

Remember as you invest in yourself, your business grows. 

Some of the Live chats from other masterclasses...

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