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8-12 week training program - $200


For those who prefer to workout on their own terms - in the gym or at home, but are looking for help to develop a safe and effective exercise program

- 30min initial consultation with 30min follow up at halfway point

- some updates included

- ongoing email support provided

What clients are saying...

"After training for 5 years and never seeing the results I wanted to see I finally decided to take action! I had been following Bec on facebook and had seen all the amazing transformations and testimonials from her happy clients and seeing how well Bec looked after her own body I decided to take the step and ask her to become my online coach!

Bec has now been my online coach for over 3 months and WOW!

Bec is so passionate about her work and the knowledge and drive that she gives is just incredible! She always seems to amaze me with new things I never knew or thought different of!"

Kim - Sydney

"After searching for months for a female personal trainer, I finally found Bec. I wish i had found her sooner!

She took the time to get to know me and personally reply to my emails – not just a standard response form. In the month or so that Bec has been my online coach, I have learnt so much! More than I thought I could. I was skeptical of how an online coach would work but I talk to her more than I saw my old personal trainer!

She is readily available and supportive."

Amanda - Sydney

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Professional Training


* Health Science //Anatomy, Biology and Chemistry

* Holistic Health & Nutritional Coach 


* Fitness Cert 3 & 4 Diploma

Other fitness & nutrition related courses:

Charles Poliquin Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner

Sports Dietician/Nutrition

Pre & Post Natal

Kettle Bell Level1


Postural and Movement/Back Care

Boxing/Kick Boxing

Functional Training

Zuu Training

Massage /Rehabilitation

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