With 1 on 1 Health and Nutrition Personal Coaching Im here to empower and inspire you to make nourishing choices for your mind and body, to live to your highest potential and to do it with so much love and happiness.

Nutrition has a direct influence on all your body functions. Eating the right food can give you a major boost of energy, appearance, emotional state and even better sex drive. 
Whilst eating the wrong foods can cause weight gain, acne, irregular and unbalanced hormones, mood swings and depression. 

Ultimately how we fuel our mind and body is one of the most important components to our overall health, affecting the way we show up and perform internally and externally everyday.

There is information out there, however its not the information thats the problem. 

"If information was the answer, we'd all be millionaires with a six pack!" (Derek Sivers)

With my 1 on 1 coaching you wont just get the information, you also get strategies and support to be able to apply it to your life.
So you take real action, let go of your old condition and habits and create new healthy habits to create long lasting results. 

Now is the time to follow what really lights you up and

to let go of comparison to others or how we think how our lives should look.


Its time to be yourself, to be who you were meant to be!

Health & Nutrition Coaching

  • You want to overcome fear and gain more confidence?

  • Youre lacking energy, mental focus and depend on sugar and caffeine to get you through your days

  • You want to look better, feel better, be less stressed and have more energy

  • You want a better quality of life - whether that means getting off medications, reducing inflammation and/or chronic pain, keeping up with your growing kids or feeling well enough to live a more active life.

  • You have been told you have an allergy or dietary restriction and need help planning it out.

  • Feeling healthier and happier sounds great but youre so busy, stressed and sleep deprived and just dont have the head space to add one more thing to think about

  • You feel overwhelmed eating out, in the kitchen or at the shops trying to pick out the healthy options

  • It feels impossible to figure out what to feed yourself and your family. 

  • Youre tired of trying to lose weight through yo-you dieting and desire to have a healthier relationship with food long term. 

  • You would like to be healthy but it feels to expensive and like way too much work

  • You want to learn the basics of nutrition?

  • You crave a more rich and fulfilled life?



  • You want a strict cleanse or strict diet/fitness plan 

  • Youre not open to trying new foods, concepts or developing an understanding to listen to what your body needs and wants 

  • Youre not ready to change your routine or currently lifestyle habits

  • Youre not willing to get out of your comfort zone 

  • Youre not willing to take action 

  • Youre not willing to dig deep and do the work 

  • Youre looking for a quick fix approach 

  • You just want someone else to tell you want to do or do the work for you 

How many people have you compared your self to  today,

                                                     and how often?


  • You'll learn which exact foods make you feel and look your best

  • Youll be able to meal plan, shop for and prepare healthy delicious foods without wasting too much time or money. 

  • You'll balance out your digestion, reduce your toxic load and make friends with your gut

  • You'll sleep better, stress less and have more energy without relying on outside sources (caffeine and sugar) 

  • You'll understand cravings and how to overcome them. 

  • You'll learn how to listen to your body and eat more mindfully. 

  • You'll find your healthy body weight and learn tools to help you keep it there.

  • You'll learn how to understand food allergies, organise meals for you and the whole family.

  • You'll learn self love, self care and gratitude practices so you can be the best version of you always. 

  • You'll learn how to include a level of fitness that is suitable, feels good and is fun.

  • You'll learn how to set goals, take action and achieve them.

  • You'll learn how to create long term healthy habits.

  • You'll re learn how to love yourself and your body wholly. 

  •  You'll learn how to find happiness and connect your passion for life.

You deserve to feel healthier and happier, lets make it happen together!

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What clients are saying...

I started working with Rebecca and the only clear focus I had was to lose weight and become skinny.

Rebecca helped me achieve this and much more. My sessions started with diet, moving my body and endless support; before I knew it 6 weeks had past and I had lost 5 kilos.

Previously I had tried every fad diet, been a member of many gyms and although I had all the knowledge I needed to succeed, the accountability I found in Rebecca was the magic I needed.

Day or night she was always on the other end of that text or email to answer any questions or just to give some loving words of encouragement.

My journey with Rebecca started around food and exercise but quickly turned into creating a happy fulfilled life for myself. I learnt to love myself and not be so hard on myself, I reconnected with my spiritual guides and I kicked the negativity to the curb.

12 months on and I'm much lighter than when I started, both physically and mentally.

I'm so much happier than I was, my heart is full of love and I love myself and where I'm at today. I am forever grateful for Rebecca's wisdom, guidance, love and support; even through all my tears and tantrums she had faith in me. Rebecca from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for sticking by me and helping me grow and change, you have helped me more than you could ever know. 

Rebecca P - Sydney

Working with Rebecca was nothing short of incredible.

The coaching experience was both transformative for myself personally and my business.

I have grown and developed in ways I never thought I would ever. If you want to be confident again, gain some clarity on your life and experience some soul connecting growth i highly recommend you work with her.

Ashley B - Perth

Coaches like Rebecca are very rare to find. She's nurturing, wise and kind at heart.

Very knowledgable, empathetic, super practical and results driven. 

My life has changed so dramatically over the past few months and its only the beginning. I am so thankful I found her on instagram. Working with Rebecca simply put is the best thing Ive ever decided to do for myself. 

Kylie S - Melbourne


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