10 tips to help you feel your absolute best

So how do you really feel your best, how do you wake up most days and just feel amazing, well it comes down to more than just what we eat and fuel our bodies with. Your lifestyle choices play a huge roll in feeling your best self.

There are so many things beside eating healthy food that allows you to function at your absolute best.  

So what is the magic combo?  

I believe its a mixture of good quality food full of nutrients, movement, love, laughter and connection with ourselves and others. 

So these are my top 10 health and wellness goodies to help you start feeling more whole, healthy and balanced. 

  1. Community or Connection - make sure you surround yourself with good company. Those you spend your time with will either drain you or help you flourish. When you show up for you, you can then show up for them. Having a community of women around you helps you through life ups and downs. 

  2. Movement - Exercise is one of the best ways to show your body love and gratitude for it. Its a great practice of self love. When you move your body it not only helps you to avoid health problems it also helps you to sleep better and gives you a rush of endorphins (the feel good chemicals the body releases). What else is great when you are moving your body and feeling good, you show up in the rest of your life more positive. Working up a sweat is key to feeling your absolute best

  3. Nourishment - Learning to listen to what your body is needing is key. Focusing on nutrient dense foods along with enjoying the odd occasional treats and meals off the plan. Wine and pizza is ok in moderation. Staying on top of this one is key, as it usually is the first to slip when we aren’t feeling to crash hot with life. 

  4. Stress - This is our bodies response to needing change. This may be a physical stress like an injury (maybe over exercising). Or it could also be an emotion stress craving a change in your current situation whether it be relationship, career, money, lifestyle. Anything that is demanding too much of you (causing you to be out of balance) - physical, mental, emotion energy can cause stress. Its the way we handle stress that can actually cause more damage. So its time to learn some tricks that work for you when you find yourself in a stressful time. e.g. meditation, running a hot bath, calling a friend or making big must do changes to your life. 

  5. Love - surround yourself with it. This doesn’t necessarily mean the romantic kind only. It can be with friends, family or even community. Its so important and very powerful part of feeling fulfilment and nourishment. 

  6. Sleep - this is vital for human functioning. Think about when you don’t have a good nights sleep for whatever reason, you tend to make the wrong food choices the following day, you are less productive, your digestion is then thrown off when then creates a downward spiral. Try to make sure you get enough rest. 

  7. Adventure - Travel, explore, go on weekend adventures! I believe that travel helps us to grow, learn and learn more about ourselves (and the people you travel with haha) Always continue to learn and play. Whether it be local, interstate or overseas - start getting out and about more.

  8. Grounding - Mindfulness and being present is an important start. If you haven’t already done so finding and creating a routine is a great way to feel more grounded, balanced and centred. Im sure you have heard about successful people and how important their morning routines are for success. Don't forget that having night rituals are just as important. If you’re new to meditation you can try YouTube or you can download my fave app 'Insight Timer’ - remember that meditation is a tool to help you feel more calm and centred so try not to become disappointed or frustrated with yourself as you learn. It can be difficult at first when you are trying to learn something new or retrain the brain. 

  9. Manifesting -What does manifest mean? Manifesting is a term used when making goals around your dreams and making your visions become a reality. Manifesting can look so different to everyone. I like things like journaling, meditating, yoga and running even helps me. Create a vision board or write things down to be clear on exactly what you are wanting to create in your life. 

  10. Mother Nature - Research has shown that spending time in nature and around trees, by the ocean can help lower stress and even reduce anxiety and depression. Time to get yourself outside and breathe in the fresh air! 

The ultimate way to feeling and looking your best is finding balance between all the things. You are not always going to feel your absolute best every day and that is ok. But its about finding what works for you to get you back on track when you fall off.  Consistency is the key when you are on the right path! Commitment to creating long-lasting habits, practicing them daily will set you up for a healthier and happier life. 

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