#1 You’re eating granola or cereal for breakfast everyday

Let’s get serious here, granola is pretty much a crumbled up sugary oatmeal cookie. And that bowl of cereal is just a sugar bomb explosion. Eat like this every morning you’ll be craving a toasted sandwiches and fries by lunchtime, and by 3 p.m. we all know what will happen here - you will have to find every little strength in you to say no to the stale biscuits and muffins from the morning meeting. Eat a heavy, carbohydrate, sugar loaded diet and your weight loss will slow down, if not, stop all together.

So you want a solution to this - sure!

My tip: Have a nutrient loaded green smoothie, organic eggs, chia seed pudding or avocado for breakfast instead. Save the granola and cereal for a yummy treat on occasions when you feel like it.

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#2 You can’t say no to those friday after-work drinks.

Of course you “need” it!!!

Your boss annoyed you, your best friend’s going through some issues with her boyfriend, your mother called and caused a stir (family! we love them dont we), or you’re on a date, or hang on a minute you’re not losing weight fast enough, so you know what stuff it! Whats the point, I can start again on monday.

There’s always a reason for a glass of wine (or 3). But 10 glasses of wine a week is equivalent, calorie-wise, to eating three large pieces of cheesecake! EKKKK!

My tip is find another way to relieve stress. Go for a walk in the park, attend a yoga class, dance to music, get a cruise bike for the most times you want that binge drink mid week, and if friday comes and you want that after work drink, have a white wine spritzer or a sparkling water with fresh lime. Or consume many waters inbetween drinks.

# 3 The Weekend Binge

During the week, you are somewhat perfect with your diet, its super clean You’re following a raw vegan diet, eating Paleo or you’re gluten free and dairy free. But weeeeeeee! Heres the weekend, any form of routine or diet goes straight out the window.

Corn chips are gluten free, right? Guacamole is healthy, right? Dark Chocolate -well lindt 70% counts as dark doesnt it and Im sure its raw? Wine fits on all plans, I think? Before you know it, you’ve consumed a whole bag of corn chips, five avocados, 2 blocks of Lindt 70% and two bottles of wine over a 48-hour period.

Seems to me that not a whole lot of weight loss will be happening now....

My tip is continue the awesome eating habits you had happening during the week, allow yourself 1 treat, cheat or blow out meal per week. NOT THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. One off the plan meal will help facilitate weight loss as it stops the body calibrating to your regular diet and getting used to eating the same foods you always do.

#4 You eat whilst the fridge door is open! It’s late, you want something to eat, but you’re not sure what! You start searching... hmmmm handful of almonds, a energy bliss ball or 3, and yum look theres a chia pudding.... and all of which are very quickly making their way into your mouth as you stand in front of the fridge. One hundred … 200 … 500 calories all consumed in less than five minutes, and without much pleasure. Do this on the weekends or several times a week and the mindless food consumption will defintely slow down your weight loss goals. My tip! Give yourself the ok to eat something at night. Put it on a plate, sit down at the table, and enjoy every single bite. If this seems silly and like way too much effort, ask yourself - do you really need it and how serious you are about losing weight. If your goals are important, commit to breaking this silly habit.

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#5 is EAT A VARIETY - Do you always eat the same food over and over again? Even if your diet is super healthy green juices, kale salads and snacking on activated nuts, if you eat the same food over and over again, the weight will stop coming off. Your body calibrates to the food you give it, just like the exercise you do. Keep eating the same foods and training the same muscle group, and your body will stop changing. My tip- Lets mix up often. Try different ingredients in your juices and smoothies. Use a variety of leaves in your salads. Spinach, watercress, organic greens, red lettuce and cos lettuce. Try out new fruits, flaxseed crackers, fresh coconuts, chia pudding and activated nuts and seeds.

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