5 reasons to disconnect more often

The online world; such a powerful place yet such a dark side also. I am so grateful for the online world as it allows me to have access to you and so many people.

But sadly we have become HOOKED.

We are addicted to the social media realm.

Not only do we waste hours scrolling through what seems like the perfect lives of others; we then start to compare and go deep into the self belief that we are not as good as others. There is no time like now!

We must remember what its like to live in the presence of now! You may take have some social media free time or days but it doesn’t take long before you are back checking in, scrolling, liking, sharing, following, following, stalking…. Its like we feel we have missed something!?

After this weekend enjoying time away, being in the country side by the beach admiring all that nature has to offer and spending quality time – not feeling the need to have a phone on me the whole time, meant i was completely at peace, and relaxed and when I returned home I felt rested with a clear mind.

Here’s 5 simple reasons why disconnecting is good for you and is a must on regular basis;

  1. You learn to appreciate the present moment as you are truly focused on the people you are with, the beautiful surroundings – heightened awareness of your surroundings – the sense, smell, sight

  2. You will stop comparing your self and life to others

  3. You then no longer feel the desire to ‘keep up’ and put on a show

  4. Less feelings of inadequacy, not feeling like you are missing out, you will be content with what you do have and not what you think you should have, or where you think you should be

  5. You will have more time to do the things you love!!

I challenge you to do this more often!

Social Media free sundays? Choose a time and enjoy the joy that comes with not needing to check your online status every 10mins! Life is very beautiful if you take the time to look around – time doesn’t wait for anyone!

Be engaged with every experience and live your life fully before you wonder where it went.

If you are ever down south coast of sydney this gorgeous little place is a must


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