7 healthy & delicious Easter recipes

Easter is not too far away now.. and with all the study Im doing at the moment, I just haven’t had enough time to create any of my own beautiful new easter recipes, so i thought I would share some delicious sweet treats from some of my favourite healthy blogs. They were too good to not share!

(Click on the images or titles to visit blog sites for recipes)

Thank you to you all for your amazing creations…. Im not even sure where to begin!

1. Hot Cross Buns @anappleaday.

This amazing woman has spent weeks in the kitchen creating and recreating to bring you the perfect healthy hot cross buns alternative. So here it is, she hasn’t just shared 1 with us, but 2 recipes.

2. Bunny Bottom Buckwheat Pancakes @thewholedaily

These just make you go awwww when you see them, not only are these super cute but they are made with one of my most favourite ingredients Buckwheat.

3. Easy Easter Sugar Free Chocolate @ themerrymakersisters.

Get yourself some gorgeous little easter chocolate moulds and you can make these easy and yummy gift ideas!

4. Easter Bunny Biscuits @thefitfoodie These little cuties were created to help you to avoid the toxic high-sugar fat bombs that line the shelves of every store in town this easter.

5. Make your own Chocolate this Easter @anappleaday I know I already shared one from Alyse but these were way too cute not to share with you.

6. Gingerbread Men (Raw or Baked) @marieanitas

Something a little different to the traditional easter shapes, I couldn’t not include these gorgeous little ginger bread men!

7. Easter Eggs – @MNB

A perfect way that you can indulge in an Easter egg or two, while not feeling so guilty!


Happy Easter – I wish you all a very safe and enjoyable break.

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