8 Affirmations for every day health

You can tell yourself daily mantras to become a healthier and happier person. 

Its really important to nourish all aspects of yourself for optimum wellbeing. Including nourishing our cells through nutrient dense whole foods, exercising and moving the body more, supportive communities and finding a way to reduce your stress levels.

Today Im focusing on some affirmations that you can say to yourself that will help you feel healthier and happier in no time at all! These are just a starting point, I would love for you to come up with some you like, that speak directly to you and where you’re currently at on your health journey.

I first starting playing around with affirmations after reading Louise Hays Book, Heal Your Life but got more into them experiencing many benefits after working with an amazing Kinesiologist on the Gold Coast for 18months. ITs all about the morning routines these days so why not include some positive talk to yourself! I include different mantras at different times depending on how im feeling that day or whats going on in my life at the time that week. Life is full of ups and downs but its about finding ways to manage those emotions and thoughts. I often give this task to my clients when they first start working with me, to create some of their own amazing affirmations.

I hope some of my favs below can help you feel healthier and happier and create a more balance life. 

I would love to hear what else you come up with, feel free to share in the comments below. 

I am strong because I choose strength

I am love

I speak my truth 

I show up and be present in all that I do 

I am capable of change 

I am choosing _______ to nourish my body 

I try my best in this moment 

I have everything in me to be and to experience happiness and joy in my life right now

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