A Guide to Non Toxic Sunscreens

Its no secret that Im conscious of what goes on my skin and since I started my own health journey many years ago now, Ive known and learnt the dangers of toxic personal care products. But last week at a speaking engagement, along side me was Therese Kerr, sharing her absolute gold wisdom on all things non toxic and chemical free. 

It re-inspired me to look further into the ‘healthy’ products that I had previously purchased to replace the old toxic stuff. 

I quite often get asked by clients what they should and shouldn’t use internally and externally. Inner and Outer Beauty is just as important. But more commonly the concern is how do I make the transition. For those who are new to making these sorts of changes it can be very overwhelming and scary to even know where to begin. 

Todays post I want to shed light on Sunscreens, coming into hotter weather this is of importance. 

Being a summer baby - I won’t lie I love a good bake, Ive rolled myself like a sausage on a bbq for hours on end, like most Aussies. I swear I was a lizard in a past life. Growing up in the shire, by Cronulla beach definitely may have contributed to this love of mine. But I also used to love a good party too - some things must change. 

If only back then I knew more about the dangers of lathering myself in baby oils and other toxic products. I wasn’t aware 

So why go natural and why even wear sunscreen in the first place?

If you slept through Health classes at school or have been living under a rock 

Repeated exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays is directly correlated to up to 90% of skin cancers. In addition to increasing cancer risk, UV rays contribute to premature skin aging and sun damage. 

So unless I actually wanted to look like the past life lizard I was, I had to start wearning SPF. 

Congratulations to those who are already using a sunscreen, whether conventional or not, at least you are trying. But Im here to educate you on why I think you need to reconsider the type you are using.

Simply put the conventional sunscreens are laden with toxins. They have been created using synthetic chemical UV blockers which have been linked to being endocrine disrupting, causing numerous skin irritations, skin conditions and yup even cancer. 

Yes, thats right - your sun screen could potentially be the cause to disease and illness. 

The more natural sunscreens are made using mineral sun blocking ingredients. Things like zinc dioxide don’t break down in the sun, they actually help to reflect the suns potent rays rather than being absorbed into the blood stream. 

Natural sunscreens tend to be thicker and leave a slight white coating on top of your skin. 

This is because the main active ingredient is zinc, which is a good thing. Zinc Oxide is a barrier to UVA and UVB rays, which means they cannot penetrate the skin.

Hopefully I haven't scared you too much that you don't want to leave the house but enough to make better choices. Remember though when trying natural products to replace your trusty old favourites it is all about trial and error. It can take time to find products you love.

Brands I recommend and have trialled:

ECO LOGICAL $17-$19.95

  • SPF 30+

  • 3 hour water resistant

  • Non greasy though it does leave a slight white reflect

  • Fragrance free

  • Face and Body Options (different products)

  • Baby product available in range

The was one of the first Natural sunscreens that I trialled. It is reasonably priced. Contains Potent antioxidants (Green Tea and Grape Seed) and key anti-aging ingredients (Shea butter, Jojoba and Silicon Dioxide),But what I found is that it can leave a fairly thick white coating on you but It seems to last for ages. 

WOT NOT $28.99

  • SPF 30+

  • Made with certified organic ingredients 

  • Doesn't leave a layer of white

  • Non GMO free

  • Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and fragrances

  • Suitable for Body 

Im a huge fan of products which are made with certified organic ingredients. Its quite thick but doesn't leave a white layer like some of the others. Ive found it quite effective and long wearing. 


  • SPF 30+

  • Made with certified organic ingredients

  • Vegan

  • Non-greasy, light weight and preservative free

  • Suitable for face and body

A little higher priced than the other two, but have found this one to be a good for us females, you are easily able to wear it under make up due to it not being thick and greasy. A really good every day sunscreen I think.Its rich in antioxidant ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Green Tea and Red Raspberry Seed Oil. 

And for the little ones: 

MOO GOO $19.90

  • SPF 40+

  • Free of all UV filters, synthetic chemicals and penetration enhancers

  •  The only active ingredient is zinc oxide, no chemical filters.

  • Suitable for use on babies, children and adults of all skin types, including sensitive skin

  • Cruelty free

Great for those who want that want a Zinc only based sunscreen that is not greasy also for those that are sensitive to sunscreen with UV filters.

ECO LOGICAL BABY (see above)  WOT NOT for babies (see above)

Have you tried natural sunscreen yet? Whats your favourite?

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