A little gem just outside the city 'Billabong Retreat' Review

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Simple, sustainable, eco friendly and lusciously beautiful tree houses surrounded by Australian Bush and a billabong.

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend some time in this amazing ecological wellness & yoga retreat. You can find this place located in a rural town called Maraylya. Hidden away about an hours drive outside of Sydney City.

When I arrived I felt a very strong sense of peace, safety and comfort. I was in awe of how beautifully green and lush the surroundings were.

With it being only a short drive away, it could be used as a restorative getaway or even just a day trip! The Billabong Retreat was created to teach you to slow down more, switch off and connect with nature and yourself. A really simple yet beautiful place to find deeper meaning to your life and purpose in this world

There is no WIFI and you would be lucky if you have any phone reception. This was a big plus for me. I think we all too often are so easily distracted by the online world, no matter how good our intentions are.

I really loved, the being a certified eco friendly retreat that really aspire to minimise their environment impact.

They use water recycling, rain water usage and solar hot water and electricity.

image: billabong retreat

Organic Vegetarian meals are prepared for you, using ingredients which are sourced locally (breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy treats in between).

The chef Simon Favorito is very passionate and extremely knowledgable when it comes to good food and health. So not only was the food nourishing for the soul but it was also delicious!

During my stay I attended a few yoga and meditation sessions, run by highly experienced instructors - which were held in a big open studio with breath taking views of the surrounding nature.

Listening to the sound of rain falling whilst doing yoga was a highlight.

There is a wellness treatments centre where you can book yourself in for a range of treatments - from massages, kinesiology to hypnotherapy. You can also enjoy private 1 on 1 yoga and meditation sessions.

Billabong's founder Paul von Bergen runs amazing mindfulness workshops, teaching you to understand that mindfulness practice can really be done anywhere, and can help every body from all walks of life. We were taught practical skills and how we could implement them into our daily lives.

I highly recommend this magical retreat only a short drive out of the city, a place for mind and body healing that is serene and truly helps you connect to nature and yourself.

A huge thank you to Paul and his team for making my stay very enjoyable.


If you have any questions and would love to know more just send me an email, would be happy to share!

image: billabong retreat

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