Are you dehydrated?

Did you know our beautiful bodies are made up of approx 70% water, but we lose hydration easily and on a daily basis when we use the bathroom, when we sweat, when we exercise or experience temperature changes or when we have a virus. 

Most people are aware that they must consume 8 glasses of water per day, advised by most professionals but more often than not I hear as a health coach this is not happening. Even the most health conscious people can forget to drink enough water. 

A dry mouth and obviously being thirsty can be indication that you’re not having enough water daily but there are many other signs and symptoms too. 

  • Headaches

There are so many reasons you can experience a headache but if you are experiencing regular headaches for no real reason, dehydration could quite possibly be the culprit. This should be easy to spot as you will more than likely have other symptoms of dehydration along with it - fatigue, dry mouth and nausea.

  • Brain Fog

Your incredible brain is made up of about 75% water. Its one of the first places we feel the effects of dehydration. Lacking water in your brain can have an effect on memory, mood, concentration and decision making. 

  • Fatigue 

You know the afternoon lull, the time you grab a handful of cookies or sweets from the office jar just to get you through. So because both hunger and thirst originate in the same part of the brain, its like you are really just in need of a big glass of water.

I suggest you always have a bottle of water handy on your desk that you can sip on through out the day, why not even try adding lemon to the water for aiding digestion. Which leads me to my next point;

  • Digestive Issues 

When my clients come to me about gut health or digestive concerns one of the first things I ask them is how much water do you drink? If you are struggling to visit the bathroom daily, you may be dehydrated. When your body is lacking water, it will go into crisis mode ad find water anywhere it can, from areas like your colon to make sure your vital organs are getting enough water to function. Good on you body, but unfortunately this causes your bowels to become sluggish. 

Try adding in psyllium husk or slippery elm to your diet to get things moving. Chia seeds are also another great source of fibre and can be made it to delicious chia puddings.

Make sure you increase your water intake as you increase your fibre, or you will end up worse than you started pre fibre intake.

  • Dark Urine 

Ideally your urine should be light almost clear in colour, or straw yellow if any colour. So before you flush check if its any darker and if it is time to put more water in that body. 

Things like beetroots and vitamin supplements can have an effect on the colouring also so keep those things in mind when checking.

  • Dry Skin

There can be a number of reasons for having dry skin but seeing as its the largest organ of our human body and requires water to prevent it from drying out. 

As we mentioned above when water is needed for our vital organs, the water can be released from our skin cells leaving the skin looking dry, cracked and flaky. 

Before you lather yourself in moisturisers, please up your water intake. 

So how much water should I drink? I get asked this question a lot. 

Generally speaking its recommended that we drink about 0.0035L of water per KG. So if you weigh around 68kg you should be drinking roughly around 2.4L per day. 

However if you spend more time outside in the sun, being physically active or are sick you will need more. A rule of thumb is approx 1L per 1 hour of exercise. 

If you are struggling to increase your intake, maybe try adding citrus to your water, fresh berries or cucumber and mint. You can also try to consume 1-2 glasses at a time. 

Be sure to always carry a water bottle with you, drink sparkling water instead of sugary soft drinks. If you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated. 

Oh and yes on a side note, you will need to visit the restrooms more frequently in the begging but this will subside as your body adjusts. 

How much water do you drink daily?

And have you noticed a difference when you have increased it?

Comment below .

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