Beauty Health Hacks : Cellulite aka Dimples

Something most women complain about is having cellulite, dimpled skin.

Cellulite is just simply normal fat underneath the skin, but it appears the way it does because it’s pushing against connective tissue.

Cellulite is not a sign that you’re overweight or even unhealthy but its definitely something that my clients don’t really want to have in their lives.

You can definitely reduce cellulite with a few of these changes and additions: 

QUIT THE SUGAR – Keep your blood sugar levels stable as much as you can. Getting this right means not increasing fat storage.  Avoid processed sugar and make sure your fruit intake is 2 per day. Make sure you eat regular meals and snacks, and that you include enough protein. 

A GREEN JUICE EVERY DAY – Or use a green wholefood powder, I also highly recommend taking Juice Plus. I have noticed a huge change in my cellulite since I have started taking it (you can contact me for more info on product here). Increasing the greens in your diet will help to increase your antioxidant profile, which helps to reduce damage to skin cells.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – I like to call water the golden 'fat flushing' liquid. If you only do one thing today for reducing cellulite, increase your water intake! Water helps to flush the toxins out of the body. Add some lemon juice for an extra metabolism boost and better digestion.

HOLD THE SALT – Salt makes you hold more fluid. Stop adding it to all your meals and watch the changes you start to have.

EAT ALKALINE – Enjoy more fresh fruit and veggies. Increase your greens! Alkaline foods help fight off acidity and toxic build up in the body, and that can assist in the formation of cellulite. 

GET YOUR BLOOD FLOWING – Dry brushing! This is a great daily exercise to do before your shower. Why not try a coffee scrub. Move your body everyday, with exercise that you enjoy. Enjoy a massage regularly.

REDUCE STRESS - Stress is a huge factor in a lot of health and body issues. I know when I let go of so much worry and started to love myself inside and out I noticed some big changes. Learn to breathe more deeply. Practice yoga. Rest every day and get enough good quality sleep.

DETOX – Toxic build up can increase cellulite. My tip is to keep your liver super healthy.

Did you know, your liver is your largest fat burning organ?

Cut out or reduce these toxic loads – caffeine alcohol, refined sugar, refined carbs, trans fats (processed foods) and takeaways.

Make sure you sweat enough! Move your body and use saunas!

Keep coffee to 1 per day and replace others with green tea if you must.

Keep alcohol to the weekends only. 

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