Review :Blue Dinosaur Bars

Blue Dinosaur have created the best snack food bars Ive ever tried and tasted. Not only do these taste so damn delish, they are also very much aligned with my values when it comes to nutrition.

They only ever create them using whole food ingredients and they never contain any of the nasty ingredients that many other bars you'll find on 'health' food store shelves do.

No dairy, gluten, soy or preservatives, no added sugars, colours, stabilisers and flavours - nothing artificial!

I am very passionate about connecting with the people behind the products that I not only adore but that I share with my friends, followers and clients. So I get very excited when I meet the makers. I love hearing the stories behind the creations. I think this is the best part! It just adds so much more life to the product.

Our plan was to take the best ingredients we could get our hands on, smash them all together and convince the world that it was no longer acceptable to consume rubbish snack food bars.

Now what Im so excited about is not only do they have these incredible flavoured paleo bars they have just released the world's cleanest PROTEIN BAR!!

Having come from a life in the fitness industry, surrounded by so much rubbish, they call protein bars. I was so impressed that Blue Dinosaur had created something like this.

Forget the sugar alcohols, artificial colours, flavours and processed crap. These bars are made from 6, all natural ingredients with a complete amino acid profile and the added benefit of MCT oil. How could you not be impressed.

The best part? The protein isnt processed powder, its made from high quality free range egg whites and beef collagen. Available in Chocolate, Coffee and Peanut Butter. I will need to warn you though, they are so addictive!

Lucky they're just whole foods.

Oh and why did we choose the name Blue Dinosaur? That was nothing more than fulfilling a promise I made to my best mate when I was 14; if either one of us were to start a business, that business would be named Blue Dinosaur. So, as I am a man of my word, that's what I did

You can find these bars in store around the country and online.

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