Bullet Proof Coffee My Way

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

So what is the ‘health crazed’ bulletproof coffee and why drink it?

It involves blending grass-fed butter and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil into a freshly brewed cup of organic coffee.

On days where I enjoy a lower carb, higher fat diet - Usually the days where I dont train weights, I do enjoy a nice yummy & creamy bullet proof coffee.

Depending on your health goals, Using MCT Oil, can be a great addition to your daily routine and bring you many health benefits.

Some of the health benefits:

  • One of the biggest problems most people have when it comes to drinking coffee is the initial increase in energy followed by a crash! Where as when you add healthy natural fats like you do in a bulletproof it cushions the initial jolt. This is where coconut cream could also work well. This is delish for those who would prefer a creamier tasting coffee. The healthy fats help release the caffeine slowly into the blood, providing more lasting energy.

  • Healthy Fats like whats found in MCT oil (Coconut Oil) is great for maintaining HDL levels (good cholesterol), yes isn’t it funny how fat is actually good for you and not so artery-clogging? This is such a misconception that good healthy fats contribute to bad and high cholesterol. Grass fed organic butter is also loaded with Vitamin K (the heart vitamin) and has a perfect ration of omega 3 and 6. = It contains butryrate which decreases gut permeability having a very positive effect on heart disease (I know right?!) It also plays a huge role in reducing inflammation. I love that it naturally contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is also been found to help with fat loss.Consuming fats actually helps to lubricate the body physically and it also mentally satisfying for the stomach and brain, keeping you feeling satisfied means no overeating.

  • Did you know your brain is actually made up of 70% fat?!?!?! Crazy right! So why would you want to consume so much grains and high carbohydrates to get that focus you desire… more healthy fats means no more brain fog.

For me I feel like I have more sustained energy, I dont get the same spike from the caffeine, Its an awesome afternoon pick me up, I have more mental clarity and I wont forget to mention how delicious it tastes

To create mine I use:

1 cup good quality black coffee - (sacred grounds) 1 tsp (Pepe Saya) organic butter 1 tsp MCT oil, or coconut oil

1 tsp collagen (read more on the benefits here)

1 tsp activated turmeric blend - (turmeric and co) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp maca powder


Blend all together and enjoy! (#Vitamix)

Remembering that any health craze, trend or diet all comes back to you as an individual. That’s why I love bio-individualty as just because it fits someone else lifestyle and gives them good results, doesn’t not automatically mean it will for you too.

I love what Founder of IIN Joshua Rosenthal says on bi0-individuality,

“Nutrition is the only science in which two parties can comprehensively prove two different theories that are diametrically opposed to one another.”
  • So whos keen to give this bad boy a try?

  • Have it for 1 week and see how you feel?

  • Or have you already tried the bulletproof coffee, how did it make you feel body and mind?

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