But fat makes you fat!

The longer I enjoy a higher fat filled diet the more I start to see the benefits and changes its having on my body, the less I freak out about it making me fat.

Why is it that we are so ingrained to believe that we must stay away from fat – like it puts on piles of kgs, clogs up your arties and leads to heart disease and generally it just totally destroys your health.

Have you noticed a little more lately that there is more and more studies coming out about how fat is actually amazing for our health, weight loss, heart health.

I know I know, you are still sitting there with a voice in your head saying stay away! It will make you fatter!

But can fats truly help and which fats are really good for your health and can help us gain control over our weight.

For years and years we have been told to stay away from fat – but im here to tell you that its time for a change!

There has been human studies done on those consuming a high-fat diet having a much faster metabolism, even when still eating the same amount of calories.

Low fat, High Carb diets spike your insulin, in return slowing metabolism and storing belly fat. Im pretty sure the last time I spoke to my clients most of you weren’t a fan of belly fat.

Healthy fats help you burn more fat…. That’s just the beginning of the benefits. Stay away from sugar and refined carbs as these are what will help you gain unwanted kgs.

So yes in theory if we get a little scientific from a calorie perspective it would make sense for fat to make you fat. As dietary fat contains 9cals per gram vs 4 cals per gram for carbs and protein.

So wait! Wouldn’t that mean you would eat fewer cals if you ate less fat and you would then lose weight? Easy right?

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for many reasons.

Calories are not all the same – they have different impacts on weight and metabolism and this is one of the biggest problems in the nutritional/dieting world today – one that’s keeping our nation fat and sick.

Yes all calories are the same in a laboratory however your body is not a laboratory. It Is interconnected organism that has a lot of duties to fill.

When people eat less fat, they tend to eat more starch or sugar instead, and this actually increases their levels of the small, dense cholesterol that causes heart attacks.

Food controls everything. Food effects the expressions of our genes that prevent and cause diseases. It literally turns on health or disease genes.

Food tells genes to store or burn fat.

Food is so powerful – I’m sure you have all heard the saying ‘one persons food is another persons poison’? ‘Food is medicine’?

This couldn’t be more true – food influences your brain chemistry, your hormones, your immune system and your gut bacteria/flora.

There are many case studies with similar results like this one from Dr. Mark Hyman – Eat Fat Get Thin – www.eatfatgetthin.com

Lady lost 50 pounds was able to get off her diabetes and blood pressure medication, heart burn went away. She no longer had stiff and achy joints. Blood pressure was back to normal.

She said she feels like she is in her 30s again and shes 68.

My fav sources of healthy fats :

Avocados for sure!

Nuts, Seeds (pumpkin, chia, hemp)

Fatty Fish – Sardines, Wild Salmon – rich in omega 3

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - (a large study showed that those who consumed 1 liter a week reduced heart attacks by 30 percent)

Grass fed sustainable organise animal products

Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil -which is a great plant-based source of saturated fat that has many benefits. It fuels your mitochondria, is anti-inflammatory, and doesn’t cause problems with your cholesterol. In fact, it may help resolve them.

Unhealthy fats.

Trans fat found in foods like pizza, donuts, cupcakes, and cookies, and inflammatory vegetable oils like canola oil or soybean oil.

Unfortunately, these fats are added to so many things!

And they are making us fatter and contributing to inflammation, which plays a role in nearly every chronic disease on the planet.

Which oil should I cook with?

Use coconut oil - great for most baking and medium-high heat sautéing.


ghee – (ghee has highest smoke point) and has same nutrients as grass-fed butter, high in Vit D and A, Omega3, CLA, Butyric Acid (helps with immunity and Inflammation)

- Olive oil is best for low-heat cooking or used raw for dressing salads.

- Avocado oil, macadamia oil, and walnut oil also are wonderful raw and make great dressings.

Hopefully after reading this post you will start to consider adding more healthy fats in your diet, and reducing the sugars and simple carbs!

To be honest, my diet has never tasted so damn good!!!!

If anything I ask you to be a little more open minded....and heck why not experiment! See how your body responds.

If you need help with this contact me, happy to help work out a way we can start including more healthy fats in your diet.

Why not give my Avocado Mousse Recipe a taste.....(find it here)

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