Butter - Glorious butter, but isn't it bad for you?

This wonderful amazing thing that you can add to pretty much anything… but wow the screwed up faces i get from people when I tell them I eat it, use it to cook with and even have it in my coffee… “but isn’t it bad for you?” “won’t it make me fat?” NO…. ! It will not unless you eat it in excess, just like any other food you consume… When you removed the lactose and casein components you get this amazing highly saturated and delicious fat thats full of CLA! yes that stuff you buy in supplement stores that works well for fat loss! (Conjugated Lionleic Acid) – its believed that this has high anti-cancer properties and is anti-inflammatory. Its important to note that the benefits I discuss are only from grass fed/pastured cows, organic too! Butyric acid – whats that you ask, its a short-chain fatty acid produced by our gut flora that the colon uses for energy and is an anti-inflammatory. Its said to contribute to healthy metabolism, control blood lipids and insulin sensitivity. So this means any issues with constipation, leaky gut, some autoimmune diseases can be cured through this amazing nutrient! If thats not all – you will find vitamins A, E, Iodine, Selenium and Beta-Carotens and if you are still not convinced, TASTE it!

So the next time someone tells you they consume organic butter you will know why!

You can buy it in most supermarkets now too – keep your eyes open next time you are in the dairy section!

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