Coke turns a new leaf

Ever heard of healthy cigarettes??? Nope, Me either! Well this is almost what Coca-Cola are trying to say now with the GREEN version of their much loved product!

I think this new product from Coca Cola is everything that’s wrong with the world in one green-colored bottle.

The problem with this is that people will see the new ‘green’ and ‘natural’ pretty leafy packaging and think its actually a ‘healthy choice’ Whilst, yes, the ingredients in Coca Cola Life are derived from ‘natural’ sources, they’re not a great choice for the health-conscious consumer.

Not only is it loaded with Steviol glycoside (a highly-processed chemical) a product which is around 200 times sweeter than sugar and is derived from the stevia plant but it is also still sweetened with real sugar to give it the regular taste we’re used to in a coke.

Your 500ml bottle of Coca Cola Life contains 34g of sugar!!!! which is more than 8 teaspoons of sugar in every bottle. It also contains coloring Caramel E-150d. Also called ‘Sulfite ammonia caramel’ is subject to health warnings in some places.

What are your thoughts on this new product????

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