CoralTree Organics Apple Cider Vinegar : Review

Updated: May 22, 2018

'We Bottle Sunshine'

If you follow me on social platforms or you are a client of mine, its no secret that I love Apple Cider Vinegar and its many health (beauty and home) benefits and have done for a very long time!

So when I was asked to trial this delicious product, I jumped at the opportunity!

Yum! An organic naturally fermented ACV produced in New Zealand.

I love that this product is created using 100% Organic apples which are naturally fermented. Its also matured in oak barrels like fine wine, how cools that.

CoralTree Organics is family owned and operated company which I love, its always nice to connect with the real people and their stories behind the creation.

The maker and owner Kim Baker who's clearly passionate about educating others on how they can live healthier lives; says

"I get up every morning to make humanity more in tune with nature". and "We need to appreciate the abundance this planet gives us"

Over the past few weeks ive been enjoying this daily,

Firstly in the mornings, I have a shot of it, in a glass of warm water, a pinch of cayenne pepper, some ginger and turmeric. (you could def add some manuka honey to this to sweeten it a little) But I love the kick it gives me and my digestive system for the day.

Ive also been adding it to my fresh salads with olive oil plus when I feel Im a little bloated throughout the day I have a little more of this apple potion.

Other incredible benefits and uses I love this product for is, the skin! Wow! Not only from drinking this, but also by using it as a toner/cleanser on my face I find it just gives me brighter, clearer and healthier looking skin. I would assume this is due to apple cider vinegars detoxifying properties.

What I found the difference with CoralTree to other brands Ive used in the past, was the TASTE! I can only assume that this is because they mature the vinegar in the oak barrels, which creates the deliciousness.

Whats the stuff at the bottom?

Yes thats the good part! This is what they call the 'mother-of-vinegar. Its a culture of beneficial bacteria and proteins which makes ACV so effective and healthy.

My advice, dont buy ACV without this. The clear and pasteruized vinegars without the mother, dont have the same amazing health benefits.

Coraltree Suggest these ways to enjoy their product each and everyday:

1. A spoonful in a glass of water sweetened with honey each morning

2. A spoonful in a glass of water before dinner to aid digestion

3. Add a splash to your water bottle for a fresh flavour without the calories

4. Add to dishes for a burst of flavour without a dash of salt.

5. Enjoy a zesty said dressing.

***This product needs to be diluted and must be watered down before consumption.

Im enjoying my daily shot of this goodness, thank you for creating a great product!



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