Cravings...what the heck do they mean?

The body is so clever… It has this amazing gift, being able to tell you what it needs when it needs it. Cravings… those pesky cravings!

Would it be fair to say most of you cave in to them??

Do you crave salty foods?

Or do you have the worst sweet tooth in town?

Have you ever stopped to think why, what does that crazy sweet tooth mean? What is my body trying to tell me? Its quite fascinating when you start to research the meanings behind these little cravings and what the body is crying out for….. and no its not actually French Fries!


Your body is crying out for sulphur and/or iron – or its possible you may even be just really thirsty or dehydrated. Consuming cruciferous veggies help or black cherries. Easiest way to get these nutrients in are through eating lean meats like chicken, turkey and eggs.


You may be lacking in nitrogen, which can be found in high protein foods – meat, fish and nuts. Grab yourself a turkey burger or a handful of almonds. Depending on what your diet looks like this could be you are just simply not getting enough through your current nutrition. Cutting complete food groups is not recommended, sure you may want to have lower amounts of carbs in your diet but you still need some form. And having a big carb binge is not the answer in this situation, it will leave you feeling much worse off….the dreaded carb coma.


We all love a little bit of this stuff every now and then but are you wanting it every day? You may be deficient in magnesium.. like a very high percentage of the population. Raw cacao is perfect for hitting both your chocolate craving and mag deficiency.


Pizza, Hot Chips, Soft Drinks…. Its said that your body needs calcium. And no I don’t want you to go down and buy a bottle of pills to get this or drink a Litre of milk…. 100g Broccoli has 47mg of Calcium, 1 cup of cooked spinach a whopping 245mg! May not be French fries but it will leave you feeling much better and not to mention guilt-free.


Too little salt in the body has a list of its own problems along with having too much. Salt is needed to control body fluids. Your electrolytes may be out of balance. Chloride is essential to maintain healthy body. Add a good quality Himalayan sea salt to your foods, this can also be added to your bottle of water and sipped on. Celery or Olives are good choices too.


You may be in need of chromium, sulphur, tryptophan and carbon phosphorus. You can get this from fresh fruits, cheese and sweet potatoes. This craving can also mean you’re tired and possibly just need some sleep or rejuvenating. So next time you want to devour the whole chocolate cake how bout you try a nana nap instead if you can., or do some light exercise to boost your energy naturally.

Hopefully you can understand your cravings a little more now and what you can do the next time you have them.

Do you have any strange cravings not mentioned above and wonder what they mean???

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