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Her mantra (and personal discovery) is that ‘fitness and wellbeing truly begin from within.’

Her mission is to inspire and help as many people as she can and to empower everyone to live the life they want and love. For them to wake up feeling blessed.

I am smiling already so lets get chatting…

Tell us a little about where you (and your business) are at right now Rebecca?

I recently made a relocation move and have implemented lots of changes within my business frame. Going through depression at the start of last year led me to discover and develop a new side to my (fitness) business and I started focusing on the wellness side of things much more.

Before this point I was always under the impression that to obtain the perfect physique meant I had to eat certain foods, in a certain way, and at certain times of the day. But being at 11% body fat and looking like you are healthy doesn’t always mean that you are. Since discovering super-foods and eating a diet rich in colour and nutrients, it means that I still look great but I can guarantee I am also super healthy internally.

What you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what is going on in the inside. When you start to feel better internally, your external world around you becomes better in return. I now feel balanced, content and wake up every day feeling blessed to be alive.

I also feel very grateful to now have a success business helping people on a higher level. It is not just nutrition and fitness anymore but incorporates a complete holistic (life, mind, body, soul) approach.

So, tell us more about what promoted this change within your business?

The experience with depression (which I write about briefly on my blog) made me realise that I was in a very toxic place and that my business was also very one dimensional.

Being a well known trainer and fitness model in Sydney, this was what a lot my clients came to me for, but this new (wellbeing and holistic) focus has opened the door to working with many other beautiful people too.

I have also developed my love for food and writing recipes. I discovered how food can be our medicine (or our poison) and can enhance moods and help you sleep. A calorie is not just a calorie and I have managed to heal my own hormonal issues naturally through nutrition.

It has been a hard and challenging 12months but the changes have definitely been positive ones and I now get to help so many new people.

What are you working on right now?

Life is great and super busy. I am focusing on so many amazing projects and working with some of the best clients. They are all so unique and inspiring which I love.

I have plans to develop the business further and I am currently working on quite a few different e-books which I hope to have finished and online by the end of the year. I would absolutely love to have one published to hard cover one day.

What has life taught you and how would you advise others to Live Brightly?

I think as I grow and go through changes I am learning what is important to me. These things are very different to what I thought was a priority when I was younger.

I would say that you must always remember that no matter how small your steps are as you are moving forward then you are doing ok. And if you do slip up, remember you can always get back up and on track again.

And know that YOU ARE OK! You must always believe in yourself because If you don’t how do you expect anyone else to?

Your blog is a big part of your business. Tell us more about this?

Blogging and writing for me has always been a way of release, or sharing with people about what is going on in my world, Whenever I experience something I write about it. I think it has played a huge part in my own healing process too.

If my posts can inspire or encourage just one person to live healthier, or make a hard decision, or for them to just know they aren’t alone then my work is done.

How does a beautiful day look for you?

I generally love to start my day with my digestive daily cleanser (recipe on website) and I am dedicated to a daily meditation practice for at least 20mins per day. Sometimes twice a day. I also enjoy the benefits of yoga and know how good it is for me so I try my best to do it once per week. I am about to set up a little group at my house with my friends so we can do it more often.

My own Beautiful Day incorporates a lovely beach walk, a healthy breakfast and is followed by a coffee (with the paper or a good read) at my favorite little café. I particularly love the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it feels as though there is a very different and special vibe in the air.

Sum up your purpose and passion for us?

My clients!! They absolutely light me up! After I get off a call to them, I am glowing and feel like a little kid on Christmas eve.

Finally sum up how you Live well and Breathe happy?

By drinking lots of water, getting sunshine and spending lots of times with people who make me feel good!



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