Crystals : Natural Healers

Crystals seem to becoming more and more popular these days, and its hard not to notice why.

They are incredibly beautiful with their raw natural beauty but also because of the way they promote natural healing, enlightenment and prosperity.

The Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Japanese all have used Crystals to enhance metaphysical and psychic abilities throughout the ages.

Crystals vary in their sizes, abilities and are said to guide you through specific difficulties according to the energy that they carry.

I often get messages and emails from people asking to help them understand crystals more and why I love them so today Ill share with you a few of my beautiful favourites and some classic pieces to have in your home and to carry with you- and why I choose them.

Lapis Lazuli

Transformation, Honesty, Self Awareness, Mysticism

colour : blue with specs of white and gold.

- I have a gorgeous little egg version of this guy. With his own stand.

This one is for the seriously spiritual. Very unique in its appearance with vivid blue, gold tint which kinda reminds me of sunlight reflecting from a pool. Stimulating for the third eye chakra.

This crystal is known for helping to increase intuition, spiritual development and psychic awareness. It will enhance your insight and awareness and truth. Its also linked to expression, helping to articulately express options and resolve conflict with peace.

(image pinterest)


Transformation, Protection, Addiction Release and Sleep

colour: shades of violet and lavender

It can help you to focus and make decisions.

It is a protection stone, so I love to keep this one right near my front door of my home. You have probably noticed (if you love them) that they are often in store front windows or entrances for this reason.

(image: goldirocks)

Clear Quartz

Transformation, Clarity, Healing

colour: crystal clear

Known as the 'master healer’ and will amplify energy and thoughts and also the effect of your other crystals. Its the most versatile stone of them all. Promotes clarity.

It is used to absorb, store, release and regulate energies. Connections between the physical and spiritual world are deeply enhanced when using this crystal.

Rose Quartz

Love, Compassion, Kindness, Tenderness

colour: rosy pink

The crystal of unconditional love, known to be used to open the heart chakra. Hold it close It will help raise self esteem, self love and balance emotions. Strengthens compassion, patience and empathy. Its extremely powerful for self healing. It vibrates pure love and light.


Energy, Goal Setting, Abundance, Luck, Creativity ​

colour: bright orange

This is the stone of light, happiness and abundance. Its known as the most powerful crystal for manifesting. This is a must for your desk or office space.

(image: goldirocks)

Rainbow Fluorite

Focus, Productivity, Creativity, Anti-inflamatory

colour: strips of green, purple, blue and white

This is a fav of mine, She's a beauty.

Labelled "Genius Stone" by medieval alchemists. A crystal for clear thinking, inspiration and focus. Its incredibly helpful for clearing inflammation in the body and mind.


Cleansing, Clearing, Moon Magic

colour: clear to opaque white

This crystal was named after the Moon Goddess Selene. Basic crystal with a huge range of healing abilities. This will easily clear and cleanse energy Great for keeping at your front door for a quick energy clear when you walk back in.


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