DIY : Coffee Scrub

Its not secret that trying to be as natural as possible with your beauty routine is where its at. And one of my top beauty secrets is exfoliating the skin. Both for your face and your body. Trying to do your whole body at least once a week would be recommended. This will help with the dead skin cells on the surface and allow for new cell turnover. It will help you to regain that glow and for your skin to look more rejuvenated and radiant. Its also great for reducing the appearance and amount of cellulite you hold as it helps increase circulation and gets the lymphatic system moving. An important part of detoxification and overall health. 

I first tried this style of scrub many years ago when I discovered MgBody Magnesium Coffee Scrubs. It smelt amazing and left my skin feeling super smooth.

Why choose coffee?

Coffee grounds are so great to use for body scrubs for a few reasons. 

  • The ground coffee releases small amounts of caffiene which is absorbed into the skin and may help to increase circulation. The ground beans not only improve the circulation of skins cells but can help with overall exfoliating leaving skin to feel silky smooth.  Since caffeine is water soluble, mixing it with water in the shower will help caffeine go into your skin but it is only a small amount so no need to be worried about getting a buzz from it. 

  • It smells so delicious

  • When using the scrub massage into the skin and the longer you leave on the skin for it to soak in the better. 15-25mins

The Ingredients:

1 cup of coffee grounds (I use organic)

1 cup of coconut oil (melted)

1/2 cup of coconut sugar

1-3 drops of lemon and orange essential oils 

Mix in a bowl until everything is combined well and store at room temp in air tight container if any left over. Be warned - the shower will get a little messy and coffee will go everywhere but thats the fun of it right?

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