Doctrine of Signatures

This is a topic that intrigues me so much that I decided this week I would do some research into and I was so fascinated with what I discovered.

It is ancient wisdom which states that every fruit and vegetable has a certain pattern that resembles a body organ, and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to that fruit or vegetable’s benefit to us.

Modern science confirms that the ancient “Doctrine of Signatures” is astoundingly accurate. You are probably thinking, what is Bec on about now... sounds like a load of hocus-pocus, but take the time to read on and you will see it does seem to make a whole lot of sense too! These signatures are based on colour, texture, shape, and the environment in which the herbs are cultivated.

I want to know why does this vital knowledge remain hidden?

So today hopefully by these little images I put together I will teach you some interesting facts and some simple knowledge you can impress your friends and family with!


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