Dreaming of You

You have no idea the effect you have on me. Its becoming ridiculous - you are here with me always yet no where to be found. You consume my daily thoughts, and when Its night time and Im fast asleep you are there with me in my dreams. 

My heart is not letting you go for whatever reason it feels like you are meant to be here with me on this journey through life - that our story has not yet even begun. My heart longs to get to know yours. 

After studying a little on Sigmund Freud about the psychological effects of dreams and their relationship to our real world. He says that if you want to understand what's happening in your “real world,” you should look at your unconscious one, whilst you are dreaming. Because when we dream, our unconscious mind is in control. Just like a child, our unconscious mind plays on its urges and impulses. It doesn't think logically or look for reasoning, only those deep desires and basic urges are out to play.

He says if you are dreaming about someone… if you are thinking about that person, longing for them and dreaming of him or her unconsciously then maybe you should take it a little more seriously and ask yourself why that person is always around. This person obviously means something to you. 

This person has left a huge impression on you and somehow managed to climb into the unconscious mind and sit there and annoy you all day - whilst you pretend to care about other people and things

They show up in our dreams when our guard is let down They are there when we are our most vulnerable -ready to connect with us. They are there when we are tired, uninhibited, when were alone and no longer distracted by the outside world. 

So tomorrow when you wake up wondering why the hell you dreamt about them again, time to think less about why and more about what youre going to do it about it! 

Because seriously, out of all the people that you could dream about - why them- you could be dreaming about miranda Kerr or Ryan Gosling!

But instead its him or her! This isn't a coincidence here my friend - this is something real going on here. 

So where to from here….

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