First Class Travel, what its really like

Ever wondered what its actually like, I know I had before I experienced flying up the front of the plane. You don't actually realise how incredible it really is til you experience it. I have so much gratitude for being spoilt enough to fly first class when I travel overseas.

The luxury experience will stay with me for as long as I live.

Previously to flying in first class I had flown business a number of times internationally and that was, what I thought was amazing also but suddenly you throw me in first class and Im literally sitting at a table across from my partner having a dining experience.

There is a huge difference when you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, well slept and fed. And if you are a frequent flyer or fly for work this is something to consider. Upgrading yourself to business class is just as amazing as first.

Onboard / First Class Suite

When you board the plane you are welcomed by the cabin crew and escorted to your 'suite' as they call it. You are then offered a refreshing drink of your choice - sparkling water, champagne or orange juice usually. They take your coat and hang it for you and help you put away your luggage.

Shortly after take off you are then greeted by your personal cabin staff member and then offered another beverage and a snack (usually something a little fancy). The champagne they serve is my absolute favourite and I have not been able to find it anywhere but on board.

The menu is amazing! With a huge selection of meals. Crew will take your dinner order (with matching wines) after take off and also you will be asked if you want to be woken for breakfast and that order will go in also.

You are given your own set of pjs and a toiletries kit which is made up of beautiful beauty products, tooth brush and tooth paste, eye mask, socks, ear plugs. Its such an incredible feeling when you arrive and you put your clothes back on (which you have not had on for the whole long haul flight)

Ultimately the best part about flying up the front of the plane whether in business or first is that its so easy to have a good sleep. First Class with Qantas you actually have a flat bed. The pillows are comfy as is the bed. I slept almost 7 hours on the way back from LAX to SYD this trip. The first time I flew first class I wanted to stay awake for the experience a little longer. I was so tired this trip that I couldn't wait to sleep.

There is also a huge screen for you to watch as many movies and shows to your hearts content. You can also listen to music or podcasts. You have a larger selection to economy.

You are supplied with your own set of high quality headphones (although I fly with my own bose)

Overall its the most incredible experience and makes flying so enjoyable. To wake up feeling refreshed after a huge sleep, to have service beyond imaginable from the crew, to put on fresh clothes and to enjoy delish food. I know that Im truly blessed to have experienced travelling this way.

If you ever get the chance to be upgraded take it.

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