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We are thrilled to have Rebecca Neale with us today. Rebecca is a science nerd (her words lol,) nutrionist in the making, a fitness professional and a wellness advocate and her story truly is inspiring. Rebecca’s health and fitness journey hasn’t always been a pretty picture nor has it been an easy road. Like many of us she has had bumps and hills to climb over, but she has pushed through, learnt along the way and become a great mentor and role model for people and we couldn’t be more thankful that she is here to share it all with you! Tell us a little about your journey and who you are? Wow! Where do I begin, Ill try and keep it short! It has been one heck of a ride so far, but I’m so grateful for every twist and turn -every experience has led me to this very moment. I’m a passionate foodie, writer and educator. I have been in the fitness industry for over 8 years as a personal trainer and online performance coach. I really thrive on teaching and inspiring others to find their true balance and am so passionate about making a positive change in this world! I love to write and over the past year I have been lucky enough to be involved with some amazing online blogs, print magazines and other beautiful companies and brands. But I wasn’t always a pretty picture of health; I had an amazing job in TV and Events so this meant a not so healthy lifestyle involving partying, late nights and naughty foods. Once I had found my love for fitness there was no looking back, I realised with the correct nutrition and training program you could achieve your desired body. I absolutely loved helping change peoples lives. I then became a little self obsessed taking it to the next level and got involved with fitness modelling, which led me to a very unbalanced and not so healthy life mentally and physically even though I looked what some would call perfect. This sent me on a bitter sweet journey I will be forever grateful for, going through depression, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks meant that it was a challenging time but it was also when I discovered the holistic side of my business and how important your mental health is and nurturing your soul. I really do believe that health and wellness begins within, you must have good nutrition and a beautiful mindset. I am currently studying a bachelor degree in nutritional medicine and dietetics to continue on my path of being able to help others reach their full potential and be the best versions of themselves.

What is your health and wellness philosophy? Eat the rainbow, wholefoods and mostly plants; consume ethical protein sources where ever possible. Enjoy your favourite treats often but don’t over indulge. I am also a huge fan of bio individuality! No two people are the same; their surroundings, environmental and life factors play a huge role in their health and wellness success. I love to help people to find what really works for them and no matter what ‘diets’ seem to be the latest craze, to help them find their own personal balance, because most diet plans are too restrictive and not suitable for everybody. What are your ‘non negotiable's’ when it comes to your health? Water- So many people underestimate the importance and forget to have enough of this liquid gold. Our beautiful bodies can’t thrive without it. Sleep- everyone needs a different number, figure out what it is and make it happen every night. This is our time to heal and reset. Movement – The body and the mind needs this to be in complete balance. Switch of time – with so much social media in our faces consuming us, we need to learn to be more present and enjoy down time. Life is becoming way to fast paced.

You create some amazing recipes. What is your favourite go to recipe? Aww thank you! I’m such a massive foodie!!! I put on music, going into a trance state when I create recipes and I adore taking photos of the end product. I love bliss balls because they are so easy to jam pack with nutrition and my go to meal is simple – crispy Salmon steak with Pumpkin and Brussels Sprouts oven roasted in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. With your own personal experiences you are a believer in living a fulfilled balanced life. What are your best tips for someone trying to find their healthy and happy balance in life? I believe we must be in complete balance in all areas of our lives (friends – work life) to truly live the life we are meant to. We must not only move our body with physical exercise, but we must always include things that stimulate and keep our souls/minds happy. Nutrition is key for health and happiness, so firstly starting with your diet – Incorporating more greens and plant based foods into your life as this will give you a good boost of natural energy, cut back on processed and sugary foods, moving the body daily and make sure you do something for you a few days a week that really makes you happy, this will keep your soul happy. Finding balance between all 3 – the mind, body and soul I believe is the answer to having balance. But also finding what makes YOU feel balanced and whole. I see it all too often people trying to be like other people and feeling frustrated and not getting anywhere. Everyone is so different, what works for some may not work for others. Turn inwards, find out what makes you tick and feel good! I promise you have all the answers you need in there. You are a Personal Trainer among many other things. What is your favourite way to move your body? Being a student and someone who works from a home office, I sit a lot! So when I plan my week on a Sunday, exercise gets scheduled into my weekly/daily planner. I really try to listen to my body these days, so depending how my body feels decides the type of exercise I choose for that day, I used to be so structured when I was a fitness model, over doing exercise, not enjoying every session and everything was so structured. I HAD to do this and HAD to do that no matter how my body was actually feeling. These days I am all about being more holistic and nurturing my body’s desires. I love to move so whether it is an early morning run, a yoga class or a fun, intense weights session in the gym, I make sure I’m active every day.

We believe that how you spend the first 80 minutes of your day sets up how the rest of your day will flow. Tell us about your ideal way to spend the first 80 minutes of your day? I love this question! I’m such a morning person so I’m usually up before the rest of the world. I love this time of day; there is a different feel in the air. Firstly, I am grateful for the amazing sleep I had then without question I always make my bed, no matter how much sleep I have had, no matter how early it is. This sets up my whole day for success. It’s the first achievement for the day ticked off and if by any chance you have a terrible day you come home to a made bed, a fresh start where you can fall asleep and press the reset button. I follow this by washing my face with coconut oil and water and I drink a large glass of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Then its time to head outdoors, preferably a beach walk or run if weather is lovely! Grounding and moving is such a big part of my morning routine. Then I have a healthy breakfast and a cup of Matcha Tea whilst I read my emails, scroll through instagram, watch an inspiring youtube video and prepare for the day ahead.

What is the best advice you have ever received? To always remain true to myself because those who are meant to be in your life will never ask you to be someone else and to fly like an eagle and let the hyenas fight amongst themselves, others peoples insecurities and opinions are their own. My parents have always backed all my crazy dreams and Ideas and for that I’m very thankful and blessed. I have a card that’s on my desk that my mum wrote me many years ago that I love – “Follow your path, strive for your goals and dreams. Be true to yourself but always remember where you came from Health and Fitness are important but always nurture your soul and inner beauty too“

What is the single best thing you believe someone should do to get their health and wellness journey started? I have really learnt that wellness starts in the mind. You could have the best diet and training plan in the world but if you have no self-belief or self love you wont see the results you want. Find what it is for you to get your head in the right place. For me its meditation, yoga, me time and sometimes I use EFT/Tapping for particular things. “What you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on, on the inside. When you start to nourish yourself and feel better internally, your external world around you becomes better in return, magic happens!” Thank you so much for this opportunity to share, We hope you have enjoyed another week and another inspirational story. Stay tuned for next week. S & T xx

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