Health Hacks: Freezer Tips

Updated: May 29, 2018

If you need help sticking to a budget, these freezer health hacks will help you save money and reduce your food wastage.  

If you follow me online you would know that Im a huge smoothie fan, although here in Sydney right now it is freeeeezing and my morning smoothies are becoming less and less enjoyable but some of these tips are going to be great for the smoothie lover. 

1. Freeze your fav milk in ice-cube trays Do you wonder how to make your smoothies thicker? Do you struggle to get through your milk before it goes off, I know for me with my fav coconut milk its hard to get through it in the 4 days it recommends? So i suggest Freeze milk in ice-cube trays. Pop out a milk-cube and it to your smoothie, tea or coffee. I know you can buy bigger cube sizes from kmart. 

2. Buy fruit and veggies when its in season or on discount and freeze them. When you see cheap fruit, buy up big and get freezer-happy. They are great for smoothies and frozen desserts. Mango sorbet? Berries, peaches, bananas…

3. Juice citrus fruits and freezeHow expensive can limes be when theyre not in season. So when they're cheap, buy in bulk and then freeze the juice in ice-cube trays or freezer bags. Perfect for salad dressings, marinades and drinks like mojitos

4. Freeze Avocados 

Because avocado has such a high-fat content, it freezes really well. While I wouldn't recommend it defrosted avocado for a salad, it's great in salad dressings or in smoothies.

5. Freeze Medjool dates (and grapes)

Dates and grapes are great fresh but I also love them frozen! A deliciously sweet and high fibre snack that is perfect to beat sugar cravings

6. Make ready to go smoothie freezer bags

When you do your meal prep for the week why not meal prep smoothie bags too. Bulk prep your breakfast smoothies by freezing smoothie ingredients into individual freezer bags. I love banana, mango, baby spinach and berries. 

7. Freeze fresh herbs in veggie stock or olive oil

Who else fridge has those sad little bags of herbs at the bottom. Freeze fresh herbs in stock or extra virgin olive oil in ice-cube trays. Then you can easily use them when you're next cooking. Whilst youre at it grate your ginger too and freeze.

8. Slices of your banana breads or paleo bread. 

Ummm who’s with me when they try a new recipe and they want to smash the whole thing in one sitting!? So when I make banana bread, and I don't want to eat the whole thing, I cut it into slices and freeze them individually. When I want a treat, I can simply toast it. It really helps me enjoy them and not feel the need to demolish them in one go. Apply this technique to brownies, cookies, bliss balls etc.

9. Bags of bread crumbs 

Do you buy bread but struggle to get through it all when its fresh, then add it to your freezer with the rest of the stale bread collection.Why not put it in a food processor and turn it into breadcrumbs. They freeze wonderfully. Then you sprinkle them on roast vegetables when you want some crunch, with garlic, salt and extra virgin olive oil. 

10. Overripe Tomatoes or the rest of the tin when cooking

Squash it in a bowl or blitz in your food processor then freeze in bags. You can add garlic and herbs if you like. Write down the number of tomatoes per bag so you know whats in there. I also freeze the leftover half a tin of tomatoes or sauces. 

11. Portion sized ready to go meals 

Got leftover spaghetti bolognese? Freeze it. Made lots of meatballs?

Try to 'cook once, eat twice' so always make extras. The trick is to freeze meals in single portion sized containers so they defrost quicker (essential when you're hungry!) and you don't need to defrost the whole thing. 

12. Condiments

And most of your other condiments will freeze wonderfully, ideal if you're going away for a while and won't get through them. 

I do hope you'll give these a try, let me know how they go for you or if you have any other go-to tips that you find to be helpful to reduce wastage and stay healthy.

You can also watch the youtube 'health webinar' of this blog here

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