Health Benefits : Turmeric - The golden goddess

An amazing popular indian spice that has been used medicinally and in food preparation since 7th Century, seems to be all the rave lately – containing a powerful anti-inflammatory component called phytochemical, curcumin. Inflammation is the causation of an endless list of diseases so its safe to say regular consumption of this yellow spice is going to do you a world of good. The best news is it doesn’t come at a hefty price.

A heaped teaspoon (equivalent to 5 capsules) of this spice in a glass of water daily is proving to be a very effective treatment or preventative to disease.

You know this little beauty is so easy to grow too! Head to your local farmers markets or greengrocer find the little turmeric roots, which resemble something a little like ginger. Break up the roots into 2.5cm and push them into 5cm deep soil apart 25cm apart and there you have it! within 3-4 months you will have large turmeric bushes with many edible roots.


  • Aids in management of insulin and helps to drop blood sugar levels

  • Liver detox and helps to regulate metabolism

  • Its Anti-bacterial, anti-funal, anti-inflamatory, anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic

  • Can promote a peaceful and calm mind.

  • Can be used as an antibiotic for open wounds.

  • Promotes healthy digestion, supporting weightloss – curcumin stimulates both the gallbladder and bile production and bile helps to digest fat. There are also some studies that have shown that turmeric improves digestion and reduces bloating and gas.

  • Can replace anti-inflammatory drugs – in some cases, turmeric can be just as effective as drugs in managing inflammatory conditions

  • May help to reduce cancer – there have been several dozen studies demonstrating that curcumin can reduce the number and size of tumours. It has been specifically shown to exhibit anti-tumour effects in cases of colon and prostate cancer

  • Helps to ward of Alzheimers disease – researchers think that the anti-inflamatory properties may be strong enough to break down the amyloid plaques in the brain that contribute to this disease.

  • Boosts Immune system

HOW TO GET MORE IN YOUR LIFE I add this to almost everything, I eat medicinally – and when I know something is as good as this! I use it in everything and anything I feel like.

  • Add to soups and bone broths

  • Curries, Vegetable stews, rice dishes

  • Veggie Patties

  • Grated in Omelettes or Salads

  • In fresh juices or smoothies

NOTE: Do not over cook turmeric, add it as the last ingredients so you dont enhance bitter notes or spoil.

Turmeric needs a little help to be absorbed well by the body, it can be quickly metabolised straight out of your body if not consumed well. Studies have shown that an active ingredient in black pepper – will increase bioavailability of churchmen by over 2,000%! Its also a fat soluble, which means we need a little healthy fat eaten along side it too for best absorption.

A favourite of mine – Pistachio, Avocado and Turmeric Dip

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