Health Hack : Healthy Eating on a Budget

Updated: May 22, 2018

Many people automatically assume that eating healthy comes with a huge price tag. But it really doesn’t have to! In fact some of the most healthy foods are quite cheap! So let me teach you how you can start to eat healthier with a budget.

  1. Make your own food/lunches.  Meal Prepping, you have probably more often than not heard or seen this on social platforms. Its a bit of a craze, people sharing their meal preps, especially in the health and fitness space. This may actually seem like an obvious one to you but you would be surprised at how many people actually spend a huge amount on buying lunches out all week. Lets assume you bought lunches out 4 days per week, spending about $20 dollars (in Sydney) - (a drink and some food) Now that would come to $80 per week, which over a year would add to $4,160. Add the breakfasts out on the weekend, coffees, snacks, dinners.  You basically have a holiday fund here by making your meals at home.  Set yourself a plan/goal to which, if any meals you are going to have out and which you’ll prep at home. Then get into a habit of making your meals and taking them with you to work, Uni etc. 

  2. Swap out your expensive breakfast cereals for Oats.  You can purchase a big bag of plain rolled Oats for around $2.00 and use it to make home made porridge, overnight oats which you can add blueberries or fresh fruit to the next morning, homemade muesli or even get creative with some snacks. 

  3. Buy fruit and veg when its in season and buy in bulk and freeze. In season fruit and veg produce is always cheaper,  There are always lots of fruits and veg in bulk on sale that you can always freeze to use at a later time, Bananas for banana bread (this is always better when you use riper bananas anyways) Things like baby spinach and over ripe avocados. 

  4. Why not grow your own herbs and veggies too if you are game! Buying pre packed greens can be expensive, I can pay about $5 a bag easily, especially for organic. Fresh herbs can also be quite pricey too. So growing your own can really save you money, and whats so great is that most herbs are really easy to grow! 

  5. Make your own snacks and raw treats  Ive seen protein balls on sale for $6 and thought wooahhh thats expensive! You can definitely make your own for a lot cheaper! Inside our JBT program we have so many easy to make recipes for you to get creative with! Things like rocky road, cookies, bliss balls and so much more. 

  6. Plan your means and save your leftovers Planning out your meals for the week means you will know exactly what you need to get and you wont end up throwing out and wasting your food at the end of the week when its gone off from not being used. Grab yourself a weekly planner from your local stationary shop like Kikki K and plan your meals out next week!  And an easy trick is to make extra at night with dinner and use the leftovers to make lunch the next day. I often make extra veggies or meat to add to a wrap or make a salad the following day. This way you save $$ the next day also by not buying lunch out and you also stay health! 

  7. Buy Frozen Veggies Sure eating fresh food is great but frozen is still a good alternative. I have lots of frozen veg and fruit in my freezer. This way I always have backup and its also much more cost effective for my smoothies. Frozen Veggies are pretty cheap and most are snap frozen these days which means they hold most of their nutritional value. And because theyre frozen you wont risk them going off and having to throw them out. Always remember to steam or stir fry your veggies so that you dont destroy the water soluble vitamins by boiling them. 

  8. Buy in bulk  many foods come conveniently packed in single serves which is great but wayyyyyyy to expensive! For eg instead of buying ready to eat rice cups for $3 per 100g buy the bulk 5kg bag which is like 15c per 100g and cook the portion size that you need. 

What are some of the ways you save money?


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