Healthy, Healing Drinks

From sparkling water to coconut waters, to green juices to coffees, to broths and kombuchas! Eppp there are so many wonderful beverages to be including in your life right now! 

  • Green Smoothies + Energy - this is one of the easiest ways to enjoy more greens in your diet! Also is an easy way to boost your energy! Fresh baby spinach leaves are packed with nitrates and will hep to oxygenate your blood! Like taking a nice big yogi breath! 

  • Broths + Stronger Skin - A powerful old tradition. Broths are left to slow cook and simmer. They are a highly concentrated drink of nutrients. One of which is collagen. This is the most abundant protein in the human body and is literally the building block of the skin. Collagen helps the skin to maintain its integrity and elasticity, also playing a key role in skin cell turnover. Consuming this drink daily will help keep the ski plump and sooth unwanted lines and wrinkles as we age. 

  • Kombucha + Gut Health - Drinks like kombucha which are fermented are jam packed with lots of the good guys, healthy happy bacteria for you and your gut. 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Time to start feeding it. 

  • Turmeric Shots + Immunity - When I travel I swear by these! Thanks to whole foods making that easy for me in the states. They are super anti-inflammatory. Can also help aid digestion and enhance immunity.

  • Beet Juice + Lower Blood Pressure/ Liver Cleanse - There is new research to suggest that two glasses of red beet juice can help to lower your blood pressure the same amount as medication can, just without the side effects! It can also help cleanse the liver by ridding the body of toxins. 

  • Celery Juice + Anti-Inflamatory and Digestive Health - Celery is such a powerful healing vegetable. It can help those who have low hydrochloric acid levels (reflect, indigestion or IBS) making it gut boosting. Can also help promote a healthy thyroid, detox the liver and the nervous system. Celery also contains luteolin a potent flavonoid that can act as an antioxidant. 

What are your fav go-to drinks? 

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