How To : At the Farmers Markets

Where I live on the Gold Coast, we are so lucky to have such a large variety of fresh farmers markets and thanks to the growing interest of buying fresh local produce, eating more organically home grown more and more are popping up every where. Every Saturday morning I head to the markets, its my favourite time of the week. I find the whole experience nurturing for the the soul. The energy in the place is amazing, everyone is on the same level of mindset, health and fitness. I thought what better way than to post on how to enjoy your weekly markets experience.

Before we go any further, the benefits of shopping at a farmers’ market are multiple. Here are some:

You are buying local produce and supporting local farmers

If you are concerned about where your produce comes from, shopping at a farmers’ market is a fabulous way to avoid that fear. More often than not, the growers/farmers themselves are actually there working at there stall, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about farming methods, pesticides (if any), how to prepare the food and anything else you need to know

It is cheaper

Yes! believe it or not, buying local produce direct from the farmer cuts out the middleman meaning its cheaper! Here, you are buying direct from the source, which makes it a healthier transaction for all involved. I worked out you could almost double the price of what you pay at the markets to get the same amount of produce, but the quality would be no where near the same

So how do you get the most out of your visits!

  • Come prepared with a list

Being surrounded by so much variety and delicious fresh produce makes it very tempting to purchase things you dont need. Plan your weekly food, recipes and kids lunches etc then write a list and stick to it at the markets.

  • Bring a set amount of cash

As with the above, it is very easy to get distracted an indulge in an expensive bouquet of flowers you don’t really need, or pot of gourmet honey you will never use or those gorgeous salt and pepper herb mixes. Take a set amount of $$ to budget it with. (picture above is $65 worth) A whole weeks worth…

  • Ask questions!

Don’t know what a particular fruit or vegetable is or how to prepare it? Just ask! Farmers love having their brains picked, just make sure they have a moment to stop and chat. Asking questions and discovering new and exciting food is all part of the fun!

  • Buy local!

Sadly there are some stalls that look like they have come straight out of a supermarket, these are the ones to avoid. Luckily its only a handful and you can pick them out easy. Think about this… how can 1 farmer have a farm big enough to grow every single fruit and vegetable that you need? Farmers specialise in different items, and you will notice have a small variety on their stands. These guys are the go tos!

Enjoy your experience, I know that I will never buy from coles, woolworths or any other big names after buying from fresh and local farmers. Not only are we supporting them, we are eating beautiful clean food!

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