How to : Confidence in 30 sec

As a business coach, personal trainer, health and life coach, confidence is a topic that comes up in my work so often, heck it was something that came up yesterday at our Babes Supporting Babes Lunch:

How do you cultivate it?

Why do some people seem so much more confident than others? 

What is it that confident people have that those who lack confidence don't? 

So how I see it, is there is two parts to being confident and having confidence.

it's the constant acknowledgment that you absolutely cannot control what anyone else thinks of you, so there’s really no reason that should show up as anything other than your authentic, confident self.

The second part of  being confident is not to give a damn what anyone thinks of you. 

It’s learning how to validate yourself by believing that you’re amazing as hell and so worthy of love, connection, success, and anything else you desire—no matter what others opinions of you are or their own standards.

Confidence is not about external validation or people pleasing. 

It’s not about trying to fit into a box that wasn’t made for you or conform to a standard that doesn’t apply to you. 

It’s having the courage to see both your light and your darkness, your amazing superpowers and gifts but also your flaws, and own them unapologetically.

Some people will love you. Some people will hate you. None of that is about you nor is it up to you.

Confidence isn’t something we gain by trying to be likable—it’s a quality we ooze and radiate when we stop caring if other people like us, what other people think of us and we just choose to focus on liking ourselves instead.

Rather than waste your limited time on this earth worrying about whether or not other people like you, choose to validate your self. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Know that you are so worthy of all the magic in this life time.

Sit on your own throne. True confidence is born along side authenticity

Now I want you to take 3 deep breaths and inhale some of your amazingness and exhale or the mindless external chatter that has literally nothing to do with you!

Now buckle up and strap yourself in as you let that confident, authentic and extraordinary self take hold of the wheel.. 

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