Learn to love your body by ditching the scales

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Can I just say one thing - You are not defined by your weight! At all!

So why is it when I work with clients day in, day out I see them base their self worth on this number! Obsession around this is not healthy and all it really does is increase your stress levels (hello cortisol) which actually makes losing weight very hard to do.

Stress = Fat Storage.

But dont worry, youre not the only one! I used to be you! I used to be the one who wasnt happy with her self in the mornings, or for the remainder of the day for that matter if I wasnt lean enough, didnt have defined enough abs or the scales said something different to yesterday!

I would see any of these and base my self esteem and confidence for the day on these things! All weighing myself did was cause more stress and insecurities.

Think about the last time you weighed yourself and you didnt like the number you saw! Did you feel more motivated or less motivated to make better, healthier choices. Did you completely write off the rest of the day, heck you may have even written off the rest of the week or weekend. You beat yourself up, and most will emotionally eat to make up for it, to comfort themselves. This is a vicious cycle that a lot of women I see have struggled with breaking. This is where our relationship with food and body is broken.

One of the most simple yet very effective ways to help you work on healing your relationship with your body and food is to


If you are working on connecting to yourself more, coming from a place of self love, body love or trying to build more self confidence then this is a good place to start.

Give your body a chance to just be, stop focusing on the number so much! Its really not worth the stress and insecurities it creates.

What we need to remember is that we fluctuate so much (especially as females) with hormonal changes, heck even drinking 2-3L of water is kgs on the scales! Dehydration can also make you hold on to fluid, because your body thinks its not going to get enough. Remember too muscle weights more than fat! You may actually weigh more than you think you should due to this.

When you commit to living a healthier and happier life, with more balance, mindfulness practice and fitness you love your body will naturally find its groove.

So lets put this into practice, either throw out the scales for good or give yourself the next 8 weeks to ditch the scales, give them up! And see what happens.

I can guarantee that you will start to feel more relaxed, enjoy more things in life, you will decrease your anxiety levels and so much more...

Why not learn to love your body as it is, give thanks for the incredible life it gives you, nourish your mind and body with nutritious foods, move your body more in a way you love and learn to love how you feel whatever your size. The best way to track any sort of progress is to go by photos and the way your clothes feel. And if you must! Then grab a tape measure and do measurements.

For more support to heal your relationship with your body and your food check out my online program and contact me to work with me 1 on 1 private coaching.

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