I urge you to take a closer look

What If I told you I had found a better way - would you be open to hearing me out?

A better way to live, A better way to spend your life, your days, your mornings.

What If I told you I had found a way that enabled you to live better in line with your values, to have more choices, to stay at home and do mum care instead of day care?

What If I told you this was all possible and you were able to create your dream life at the same time as being of service to others and helping them to be healthier and happier. 

Would you take the time to listen If I told you that I went from earning $350 per week to earning a nice six figure income a year.

MAY 2016, I had the courage to say if not this, then what? I had the courage to say yes Ill listen to what you have to share with me.

I was in pain, I was so sick of struggling week to week, feeling like I would never have savings, like I would spend the rest of my days paying debts off or living pay cheque to pay cheque or never getting ahead and setting myself up. 

Dont get me wrong I bloody loved my ‘job', I was so lucky to already be following my dreams and sharing my passion, of helping teach others how to have better lives. But what an oxymoron - here was me with an incredible online following that I was educating, a great client base of people which I was helping to live better but behind the scenes I wasn’t truly thriving myself. 

I was trading my time for money - and if clients didn’t show up I didn’t get paid. So then I would be set behind week by week, playing cat and mouse.

I knew there had to be a better way. And then boomas the universe always does, appeared right at the perfect moment in time….

One of my beautiful friends introduced me to an incredible nutritional support product that helps us to bridge the gap between what we are currently eating and what we should be eating. In all my years working in the fitness and health industry, I had never seen anything like this before on the market. 

What I already knew was that we needed to be consuming 8+ servings of fruits and veggies per day, and even as a health and nutritional coach I was barely getting that amount in myself.

But wait I wasn’t interested in ‘network marketing’ that wasn’t me. I didn’t do that kind of thing. 

Even though for the past 5 years on my blog I had been sharing my passion and love for certain products without a return. I was always telling everyone to take a closer look at my favourite products ‘just because'

Oh so its one of those things ——

No, but kinda. But not really. What did I know about this industry - not alot, but my misconception made me believe that to be successful I had to be at the top, and even then you were just making someone else's money.

No! All wrong, what I didnt realise prior to this was that I was always direct selling, every time I raved about a fav product on my blogs or social media platforms, or whenever I told my friends about a movie I had just seen that I loved, I was direct selling. 

The difference? I wasn’t be rewarded financially for sending business to those big corporations. I was simply being rewarded by seeing my family and friends happy and healthy by using the services and products I loved. 

What I found along this journey the last 18months was that the earnings you make in this business are a direct reflection of those who you are helping and the time you put into your business.

There are no better off people at the top, taking all of the money. Wait, isn’t that like a traditional business, the CEO is at the top earning all the money and bonuses whilst the little guys at the bottom do all the work for next to nothing. 

So I thought wow I need to take a closer lookat this - I got my facts straight, I did my research. I wasn’t about to align my brand, my love, my business to a company that wasn’t in line with my values, that wasn’t heart driven and wouldn’t jeopardise all the hard work I had spent creating my incredible space in the online world. 

Would I trust a company that had been around for almost 50 years?

What about a product that had been around for over 20 years and which had 35 peer-review gold standard medical journal studies done, proving its ability to help people change their lives on so many levels. 

With no hidden fees, no contracts, no minimum monthly spends etc 

Umm yes! Of course I would.

As I grew with the company I was quick to realise how much heart the company actually had, the magic that happened in the head office, the passion, the longevity, the quality, the simplicity, the authenticity, the community, the connection…. It was all there and more. Their core values totally aligned with who I was and I couldn’t be more proud to be working with them. 

But wait, did I have time for this ??

I was already spending so much of my time on social media, trying to build my business, seeing clients, managing a wellness clinic - However I wanted more freedom, financial security and more choices. I wanted to not have to think twice about whether I could afford organic produce, or pay my phone bill on time, or go on holidays when and where I wanted. I wanted to set myself up for life, and experience all the the world had to offer me without limitations. 

My vision, my goals and dreams were bigger than whether I had enough time to make this happen and what I quickly discovered was that it wasn’t too hard to fit it in to my daily schedule. I was told If I had 30mins to 1 hour per day to put into this business I would have success, and that I did.

What you don’t realise before walking into this opportunity is the incredible support network you suddenly have access to, the community of other like minded people. I had access to mentors who had gone before me and were there to provide me with so much support and guidance to create my own success. Sharing training and the complete structure of what I needed to do to achieve and replicate their 7 figure income. 

Now the best part is - I get to share this amazing opportunity with others, the step by step guide for those who join me on this journey, I have always been so passionate about coaching and mentoring others to have a more abundant, healthier and happier lives and now I had the blueprint to share. 

So what have you got to lose?

If you want to know more - If you are curious, even the slightest bit thenlets connect. 

If you know you are worth more, that life could be better, that you are currently missing out and saying NOto too many things then I want to connect with you and share with you what I know, and how you too can start making changes and have the life you desire.


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