Is it the 'blue light' that keeps you awake?

I have never been a fan of having a TV in the bedroom and thats definitely not about to change. 

Almost every single technological product thats out there will emit a blue light (high energy visible light) 

In more traditional times (caveman era), we used to wake with the sun and fall with it.

This would mean waking feeling refreshed and falling asleep easily at night with no problem.

These days we are up all night on our phones, computers, iPads etc. (I know cause I do it too) Studying, scrolling, reading, learning... we do everything online these days and if its not that its watching TV, movies etc 

Our circadian rhythm actually is influenced by daylight - it tells us when we need to be awake and when we need to sleep. Scientists have discovered there is a link between the blue light emitted from your computers, to the amount/quality of your sleep.

Our poor eyeballs are so sensitive to light. They sense and react to light in our environment without us even realising, by dilating or contracting pupils to control light input. Humans can only see one part of this, its known as visible light. 

I am so grateful that my optometrist many years ago got me onto a pair of blue light filter protection glasses for me to use whilst I am using my computer/laptop. 

When in large amounts (which is the world we live in these days) blue light can be a problem because of the way it influences our brain activity. Blue Light / Artificial lighting actually tricks the brain into thinking is daylight no matter what time of day it is. This actually hinders our production in the hormone melatonin, which is the little controller of our sleep cycle. Have you ever noticed that we tend to feel more awake longer in summer time as apposed to winter time. 

Heres a good article from Harvard on 'Blue light has a dark side' to learn a little more about the exposure and it harming your health. 

What Im excited about is, if you hadn't already noticed Apple iPhones now have a 'night shift' setting (to help reduce the blue light emitting whilst we are using it) I actually choose to use this through out the day if Im on my phone more than usual. 

In settings you will find it under 'Display & Brightness' - Night Shift. Its here that you can set it with your wake/sleep times or have it on continuously.

If you are someone like me who wakes and rises before the sun, this is awesome, so Im not blinded by the bright blue light on waking.

You can also download at either one of these sites an app that will help reduce your exposure. It will match the time of day with you. You just choose where your location is and the app will do the rest for you.

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