Love is hard but worth the ride

Love is rarely easy, Its complicated yet its beautiful and magical too. It can have moments that feel like you’re floating on air, like your heart is bursting at the seams filled with so much love and passion; but it can also be a fight. It can also feel like a mountain climb that never ends. And when its real, when its true love its hard. 

Love is far from a fairy tale. Its not just about getting along with someone, having fun and finding them attractive. Because they will eventually get on your nerves and looks will too fade. True love though, is about getting past that point. 

Love is looking past someones exterior, its looking inside of them. Its opening up all the dark and dingy parts. Love is peeling back layer by layer, breaking wall by wall down. Its loving every part of them. Love is hearing about their past, its about forgiving mistakes and accepting that there will be more mistakes and learnings to be had along the way. True love is listening, even when you don’t want to, even when you don’t like whats being said. Its conversations that sometimes leads to arguments and fights. But true love is always kissing them goodnight still. True love is adoring them, despite really disliking them all at once.  True love is wanting to pull your hair out with frustration from what your partner has done or said. Its boiling inside with anger but its accepting their different opinions and ideas. Its always about acceptance and forgiveness. Its never about wanting to always be right. Its never about them always being wrong. Its about never giving up.

True love is breathing together and apart. Its about coming together again at night next to one another, sharing your ordinary days. True love is being so beautiful together but also so wonderful apart. 

I can promise you this, true love is never going to be easy all the time, but I can tell you this its worth every minute of challenges along the way in the end. 

Its scary but its also so exciting, when you feel like you finally made it. When you feel like you passed the biggest lessons already together, anything else is easy.

True love will always bring more lessons and teachings, it will be about the silly arguments over cleaning up, which side of the bed is yours, dumb fights about his ugly shirts or her eating or shopping habits. Its saying words, but most importantly its about actions. Its about compromise and understanding, its about compassion. Its about patience. Its about choosing, and choosing to grow every step together because the beautiful moments will always far out weigh the hard parts. 

All the wonderful, incredible moments now are far more powerful than the bad that have already been and gone. Love is hard but when you find it, hold on to it tight with both hands because its worth the ride. 

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