Mediterranean Prawn Salad

Salads are one of my favourite ways to get in as much nutritional benefits as possible at the one time.

This is a favourite of mine, its easy and quick to prepare but will easily impress your family and friends at a dinner party.




Baby Carrots

Baby Tomatos

Capscium and Sun dried Tomatoes

Parsley flat leaf

Dark Leaf Kale (chopped into small pieces)

How to

Cook the prawns on the pan. I cook mine with a small amount of chilli and garlic. But you can use ginger and citrus too if you aren't a fan of chilli.

Cut baby tomatoes and green olives in half, keeping black olives whole.

Lightly steam capsicum, baby carrots and kale.

Add kale to bottom of plate, and lay out other ingredients over the top in a pretty outlay.

Chop the flat leaf parsley and sprinkle over the top of other ingredients then finish with fresh and fruity olive oil.

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