My biggest lesson yet - 'I am worthy'

Right why is it we think and believe that never having another romantic partner is a bad thing??? Why do we think we must find a life long partner, to survive, to thrive? 

Surely not! 

Is dying alone that bad? It only is if we believe it to be. 

Does not having one person “choose me” mean that Im not good enough some how, not worthy enough? For what? 

NO! Im here to tell you its not a fact…. Because I choose me! 

Yeh, I know 'but this and that'… I get it! It took me a while to figure this out and really truly finally believe it. 

The thing is the last relationship I was in (or should I say situation, as it was that bad I didn’t even know where I stood half the time, whether it was real or not) - it taught me so much and for that I will be forever grateful for him and thankful for all the amazing lessons he gave me even though for the most part it hurt like hell. 

Its funny when you ask the universe to teach you, lead you, guide you.. thats exactly what it does. In the most amazing yet unusual ways.

Self love, Self worth, Self Validation… these were all lessons I was dying to learn, I saw bloggers, people I looked up to and my amazing mentor who were all living this and really truly believed it with every ounce of their bodies -  all I wanted was to feel like them and to wake up every day and really believe it. 

Dont get me wrong I loved who I was most of the time, but that was the problem it wasn't all the time and it was circumstantial.

So I went to work, consistently, but it was when this man came into my life that I really started to learn. Relationships, whether good or bad they teach us very valuable lessons, they are our assignments on this earth, we just need to see them for what they actually are not what we hope they would be or should be. 

I am worthy and valuable on my own.

I love who I am,

I am happy and I am whole.

Yes! I really believe these statements.

How cools that!

Even when I do find myself in another relationship, this will remain true. I will never ever need another persons love or affirmation to validate myself or my existence again. 

I want it BUT I do not need it. 

Because I validate myself! 

So the idea for me not finding love or the one no longer scares me. My life won’t suck, I am not destined to be miserable. The universe, God, The Source (whichever higher thing you believe) won’t allow that. Trust this. 

Its all our perception, and a CHOICE.

I choose how I feel about myself, my life and my future. Its subjective; how I feel - which is the whole idea behind doing mindset work as part of your daily routine, learning to choose a perspective that serves you and your highest good. 

So heres the thing, yes I get sad, I get heart broken, heck the last one broke me in two, the connection was so powerful and I was sure I would never find anything like it again if I lost it, but the realty of that situation was that I was blind, the connection was incredible but the way I was CHOOSING and allowing to be treated wasn’t. And it wasn’t ok. I was seeking validation in him but he wasn’t giving it so I tried harder and harder so much so that it broke me. 

So as much as I was heart broken, I found the lessons, and I suddenly felt empowered. It was crystal clear to me that I didn’t need him or anyone else to choose me. I felt strong AF. 

I now really believe I deserve the best, I am worthy of insane, incredible love and I will not settle for anything less, and If for whatever reason I don’t find it, I will be ok. Cause I choose to be.

Remember relationships are your play ground to test your work, they are tools for you to use to elevate you. I had been asking for these lessons for so long,  for this I will be eternally grateful for the experience with this man. 

From your biggest heartaches come some of your biggest breakthroughs. I talk about this all the time. 

I finally choose me, and I will never forget I am worthy of so much more.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

If this is something you struggle with, why notwork with me  and finally get to the bottom of all this self doubt and negative talk. 

Let me share with you the tools I used to find this place of peace and to create a space of living that you deserve, because you deserve to be happy and whole. We all do. 

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