My On Board Travel Essentials : Beauty & Supplements

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

The great thing about flying in business or first class they provide you with pyjamas and a handy little kit where all your needs can be met. 

But I always carry my own basic essentials in my bag - things like my own tooth brush and natural tooth paste, spare underwear, fresh clothes, haviana thongs, my Bose head phones and a good book.

My travel essentials look like this : 

Large Bottle of Water

I never get on a flight without a bottle of water. Unfortunately when you fly international you are unable to take your water bottle through security. So you can take an empty bottle of your own (which can be filled onboard) or purchase one as soon as you are through. Flights are so dehydrating and making sure you drink enough water on board is should be of high priority. 

JP+ Gummies - I love these so munch whilst Im flying. They're easy to carry on board and they contain 20+ servings of fruit and veg. A little energy nutrient booster.

whats great about these also is that they are great for the kiddies on board too.

(contact me here to order your own)

Wholefoods Vegan Powder

I always carry protein powder with me when I fly so that I get a hit of protein and superfoods as a snack along the journey. I love to use the JP+ as it comes conveniently in individual sachets but is also plant based with added super foods.

(click here to find out more)

Natural Vit C Powder

Not only is it incredibly immune boosting but it is another amazing supplement I like to use that helps to inhibit radiation induced death of our human blood cells. It serves as a strong natural antioxidant protecting our system from falling unwell.


-  been said to be great for beating jet lag.  

This is something that I used daily but why I love it as one of my travel companions is due to the amount of radiation you are exposed to when you fly. Chlorella has been shown to protect the body against radiation due to its high level of chlorophyll, whilst removing radioactive particles from the body. This along with Spirulina can help to protect and serve as a ‘radiation shield’ . It does this by binding to heavy radioactive isotopes in the body so that it can be faster eliminated from your body. 

Inika Organic Rose Hip Oil

I love using this instead of Moisturiser when I fly as I find it to be much richer for the skin, planes make your skin so dry and this is the perfect solution. I also love that its natures richest natural source of Vitamin C. Its perfect for around your eye are too.

Evohe Mist - such a great product to help refresh you whilst you are on board. Hydrating and restorative for the skin. Made with Australian bush flower essences, green tea and tissue salts. 

Helps with the environmental stresses of being on a long haul flight but always is quite calming and uplifting. It conveniently comes in a 100ml size. 

Facial wipes - Biodegradable and Organic 

When you fly you want to look pretty whilst boarding but one on board its time to remove the make up and let your skin breathe. These all natural wipes are an essential and help me to remove make up, grimed any other impurities. Leaving my skin feeling super smooth and glowing whist I fly. 

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