No braver than you

She didn't receive some magical healing gift from some magical creature that showed her what to do, or how to fix her broken heart after it had been shattered into a thousand tiny smithereens. 

She definitely didn't discover an old wives tales secret for healing.

She's definitely not tougher than you either. 

She just learned really quickly how to keep living her life despite feeling incredibly destroyed and sad she was.

She made her self get out of bed in the mornings, be around her family and friends, do new things, write and read, go to work, the gym - even when she felt like the sadness consumed every single part of her physical body. 

They didn't do this easily, perfectly or without struggles. Sometimes the biggest achievement of the day was only managing to cry only the once. Sometimes they cried in the car, but pulled it together to face the day and kept going. 

The kind of person who survives a broken heart doesn't do it beautifully or gracefully. They are living right in the middle of the loneliness, the nightmares and the ugliness. The crippling sadness and real physical pain that comes from losing love. 

You two can be like this girl - when you choose to understand that its not going to be easy nor will it actually make any sense.

Healing needs to be understood - it will come with a lot of pain, moments of i cant do this. But we must learn to sit in the middle of it. When you do accept that this is the only way out of the pain, is when you will start to heal. Because you will stop trying to suppress the human side of you.

It wont be about trying to be ok,

it will be about showing up to life every day, choosing to live. But understanding that sometimes you will just cry unexpectedly or feel exhausted - its ok to be sad while you are healing. 

Thats the type of person who survives the broken heart.

Someone who chooses to keep living through the pain, showing up through the sadness and the exhaustion, the aching physical pain and doesn't pretend like its not there.

Live through it, and you will heal. 

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