No such thing as excuses!

There is no such thing as excuses just priorities 

Nobody is ever to busy its just a matter of whats a priority or not. 

So as an entrepreneur you have to be a leader of your business right, I mean who else is going to do it if you dont?!?! 

Owning your own business looks amazing from the outside and I promise you it is, at times, but there is a real crap load of work involved on the inside too. 

You know there are studies that show most entrepreneurs only make it about 3 months before they quit! Crazy right! 

I get it, not everyone is cut out to own their own business but what is the difference between those who reach high levels of success and those who dont…. 


If you are someone who defaults automatically to the negative or making excuses - its time to shift your mindset. No true leader bails out when things get hard or go wrong, yes we struggle too but we make things happen regardless of the situations or circumstances around us.

What's the loudest inner voice I hear people say out loud so much when making decisions?

'I CANT' - this implies you have no control over your life. 

Whereas if you put something like I wont in there instead- the situation becomes more about a choice which you have made.


I cant - I wont 

I should - I could 

Its not my fault - I take responsibitlity 

Its a problem - its an opportunity 

Im not satisfied - I want to learn and grow 

life is such a struggle - I will turn life into an adventure 

I hope this will happen - I know this will happen 

If i only had done this or that - Next time I will smash it 

This is horrible - This is a learning experience

Life is full of possibilities and opportunities disguised as problems.   

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