Nourish Your Mind & Body

Learning to tune into your body and listening to what it needs is the best way to build a body you love. The human body is so incredibly complex and smart. By nourishing it correctly you will be able to intuitively eat and give it exactly what it needs when it needs it.

My top tips when it comes to nourishing your mind and body as best as you can, giving you the chance to live up to your full potential!

Always choose Organic - Fresh produce that has been grown without the nasty harmful pesticides, unnecessary chemicals or been genetically enhanced - not only does it taste much better its better for your health.

Stop Counting Calories – They are just a measurement of energy, not what the foods nutritional value is. We know they are not all created equalling, instead of counting calories – count Nutrients! Minerals, Vitamins, Antioxidants and Macronutrients. Count the colours and focus on how the food makes you feel inside!

Plant Based Diet – Protein The most important macronutrient – Plants are one of the best sources of bioavailable protein. There are studies, which show those who consume more plant based proteins are healthier overall than our meat protein eaters. I also like to include a plant based protein powder when I feel like I havent got enough from my food sources. I use Nuzest Pea Protein.

Hydration – Drink enough liquid but make sure you eat your water too. Eating hydrating food is so important if you want to maintain a beautiful young glow.

Greens – Eating greens with every meal is the key. Greens are so hydrating, cleansing and rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins. This is where the magic results come from.

Healthy Fats – Omegas are amazing for nourishing your nervous system and brain health. They also help with skin rejuvenation and also help your body to absorb other important nutrients from your food.

Eat the Rainbow – Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and get their colour from these and the vitamins they contain. Make sure you are getting enough variety and colours in your diet.

Cruciferous Vegetables – Veggies like Kale, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage are super cleansing and energising. They help the liver and kidneys to block toxins.

All these cruciferous veggies provide us with sulphur, which is an important building block of all our metabolic reactions in the body.

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