Patience : A hard universal lesson

Patience, trust, surrender, letting go, faith all these words and more - I wouldn't go a day without thinking them, writing them or speaking them. But how often am I tested to truly live them. 

I love how earth is our toughest boot camp in the universe. We do truly learn so much from our life experiences, challenges and daily interactions.

Letting go of expectations and being left with no choice but to surrender.

I always talk about the bigger thing thats out there taking control of my life and making sure I always remember that there is a kick ass plan in place, and its times like these I really need to trust my journey.

We are living in a universe in which everything is given to us in divine order, even if it doesn't seem to feel like it at times. 

Trust me I am the worst at remembering this, as sometimes things just aren't happening as fast as I would like them to. Sometimes they make me so frustrated, they make me so mad and sometimes they actually make me sad. 

But patience teaches us that we cannot control everything and its all about letting go and getting comfortable with what is and living in the present moment.

Appreciating and accepting where you are right NOW.

Have you taken a look around today, and been so grateful for all the magic that is surrounding you.

You are alive and breathing - thats a pretty good place to start. 

As cliche as it sounds please try and trust the timing of your life. there is no -too soon, too- late phase in this life. 

Allow yourself to be still, and remember that if you’re aligned with who you truly are, all the pieces of the puzzle will eventually fall into place at the perfectly right time.

Just be you, and do you, and the universe will control the rest. 

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