Plants with health benefits

Yes! You heard me right, health benefits! They are natural healers. Pretty cool right. I don’t know about you but I sure do love the feel of my apartment when its full of lush green plants and fresh flowers and now I know why.

As I plan my move into my new apartment I thought I would do some research on which indoor plants would be the way to go; little did I know I would find a whole heap of fun stuff along the way. 

  • Breathe Easier

  • Fresh Air

  • Natural Humidifiers 

Here are the my top 5 picks from what I found; yes time for a trip to the nursery with an excuse that you are investing in your health!  Aloe VeraA common one that you will find in health food stores in many different forms. It is well known for its antibacterial benefits and amazing for use on our skin, you literally just snap it off and rub the liquid on your inflammation. I lost count of the amount of times growing up that mum would tell me to grab some out of the garden for different things. This is a bathroom must! It loves sunshine, so place it by the window. They are super easy to grow, doesn’t need much love and care. If the plant starts to develop brown spots its telling you that there are excessive chemicals in the air and you may need to switch up your cleaning and beauty products to natural!  Peace Lily We always had one of these in our bathroom growing up. Not only are they beautiful plants but they are very clever too. They are known for removing harmful toxins form the air, everything from ammonia to formaldehyde, benzene and richloroethylene.They are good for keeping dry environments moist, perfect for upping the humidity levels where needed. They are very low maintenance too. Just make sure you keep it in the shade. Those with allergies may be affected by the pollen and scent they bring. 

Lucky Bamboo The perfect little, beautiful to look at companion for your indoor office space. The lucky bamboo represents the wood element in Feng Shui and is said to bring a sense of safety and wellbeing to the room as it creates balance. This plant is a little high maintenance - soil but be constantly moist and indirect sunlight is the go - if the leaves start to brown it is having too much sun. 

Snake Plant Perfect one to keep in the bedroom as it emits oxygen (literally) while you sleep. At night time the snake plant emits oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide - just like we do when we breathe - allowing more purified air quality whilst we catch our Z’s. Snake Plants remove harmful nasties from our air - including formaldehyde, tricholroethylene and benzene. Spider Plant (really - these names?!)Forget the name - this plant is on the must list! These are a natural air purifier. A study shared that Spider Plants can remove up to 90% of formaldehyde in the air surrounding them! Super easy to grow! Keep them in bight sunlight and cut off the flowers and share them.. as they eventually grow into little plants. 

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