Real Talk : A Lesson to STOP and love the NOW

Stop thinking, stop the negative talking, stop comparing and stop observing…Stop complaining and why don’t I just stop and be damn grateful for what I’ve already got.

As the saying says ‘stop and smell the roses along the way’

There is something bigger than us, whether you believe in God, Angels, or the Universal Power, there is definitely something above.And I know that all the things I encounter are some form of lesson or message from up there. I have had many life changing experiences where I know, I have been somewhat saved or protected.

Those highs and lows you feel on a daily basis…. You know the ones Im talking about. Yup, Its crazy, how can one self be so up and down from day to day. We state to the world that we are a certain way, that we are happy with ourselves just the way we are, but wait, are you really what you portrait?

Sadly the world we live in today makes us criticise ourselves from head to toe, to find ultimate perfection… a perception that is so unrealistic or sometimes unattainable that most of us are always on a never ending search, always chasing that other something.

Why is it we cant just be happy, satisfied or appreciate what we have got. Remembering that sometimes…well almost always there are people worse off than us!

Yet we continue to stare in that mirror every morning criticising the body we currently have, wanting to be leaner, stronger, more aesthetic, grabbing our belly fat, lifting our shirt wondering if our abs are showing more than they were yesterday. We literally verbally abuse ourselves, You’re this! You’re that! Why aren’t you that way? Don’t you know what this is doing to us when we do this constantly… do you forget that our minds feel and remember everything.

‘What you think about the most you become.’

This is the most sad and destructive way you can choose to live your life! So why do you do it? Why do we care so much about these things, what others think, or if we are ‘better’ than others aesthetically? Who even decided what a perfect or better body is? We are more than just our physical bodies. If the world became blind tomorrow, what could you offer?

So it seems; I am on the receiving end of a bully again, but this time I’m the bully! And today I almost learnt a very hard lesson…

I was so close to snapping my lower leg at the shin, possibly the fibula and tibia in half. I could choose to look at this experience as just shit luck, or just an accident, or If you are like me and you see more in all that you experience –I realised after on the ride home, that I need to be kinder to myself, kinder to my poor body again. I’m sure you can relate, we all have certain body parts we dislike the most, can you guess what mine is…yes! My legs! Do you know what I learnt in that moment today… APPRECIATE that I actually have two damn legs!!!! Two legs that work perfectly fine!!!!

Tonight, I’m grateful that I have BIG, strong and fit legs that probably helped save me from doing further damage this afternoon. My legs are awesome they let me jump, dance, run, skip, hold heavy squats, deadlift whenever I want. How cools that?

Lucky for me all I ended up with today, was some serious pain and an extremely swollen and bruised leg that I will probably have to rest for a few days. But I have a big smile on my face – how god damn lucky am I!

But what if I had have snapped the bones, what If I could never walk properly again, or I could never do the things I love, things I didn’t even realise how much I loved, the things both you and I take for granted so easily.

Striving for perfection is doing you nothing but damage, its self-destructive bullshit. And it needs to STOP right NOW!

Learn to love what you have got; remember to appreciate and find the good in everything.

Like earlier on today before this incident, I was complaining and critiquing myself to someone about body image issues, I had forgotten how grateful I actually should be. Today has been a ‘painful’ reminder to go back to where my head was at a few months ago, a place where I had worked so hard over the last few years to be at, a more holistic place of health – doing everything for the right reason and from the right place.

We get so caught up and fixated in being this or that and the what we are becoming, or fixing – that we forget about the NOW! – The right here, the right now, what we have already got!

As you finish reading this I want you to have gratitude for the things you don’t love so much… and look at them from another light. This might be your curly hair, your big belly, your freckles, your eyebrows.. love them and appreciate that you even have them!

There are some people like in my case who don’t even have 2 legs, or even 1 for that matter. So how could I be so ungrateful to not be thankful for the 2 I have that work so perfectly fine. So what, I want to be leaner and fitter like I used to be before I did serious damage to my health, but why not value the here and now and that this is all part of the journey as much as the destination I’m working towards is….

No more 12 week challenges or transformations, or cookie cutter diets or training programs… no more deadlines to reach certain unrealistic goals. Just focus on the NOW, the training level I am at now, not where I used to be, and LOVE the body that I have NOW whilst healing it and getting it back to a fitter and healthier state. We all struggle in some way or another, we all experience highs and lows and we all do this because we are human!!!!

The difference is how we learn to deal with these things and how we choose to live and most important how we view ourselves on a daily basis no matter what story you have to tell in this present moment. Learn to appreciate what you have right NOW, STOP the bullying and live a life full of contentment.

Yours truly, in some serious pain but wearing a smile,

Bec x

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