Real Talk : Disposable Love

No matter how painful your last experience with love was or the one before - I hope that you never just steal someone's heart for fun, to fill a void or to heal the hurt from the last one.

Dont ever look at someone as something that can just be used when it best suits you. Too many people use the words ‘I love you’ in translation for ‘until i find something better’

Someone elses love isn't an umbrella you pull out only when its stormy outside, its not a shelter to protect you when your sad or a temporary home when you feel lonely.

It should be seen as the rare gift it truly is. The magic of unconditional love is powerful, and it shouldn't be taken for granted.

I dont understand the sick world we are living in when it comes to relationships and other humans. We are in world where love and relationships are becoming just as disposable as anything else, just another materialistic thing we throw away when we can no longer be bothered, or we find something new to stimulate us.

Finding true love is about connection, not compensation. We want to enter in with hope to offer and share our lives and experiences with another, what you would do or sacrifice to see that look in your others eyes. Not what we can gain or receive in return.

Its not up to someone else's love to repair or rebuild you. That belongs to you - your courage and your will to make the changes and grow with the lessons and heartache. We must learn to find peace with our own lives before we bring someone else in. Although we also must remember that the other will be there to support and guide you through those changes if you are willing to let them in, be honest from the start and feel there is a future. If you want to give your relationship the best chance to survival you must give it a solid foundation. Beautiful things cant grow on polluted ground.

The affection you receive should be seen as sacred, its something we choose who to give it to and are fortunate enough to receive from another. Understand that and be thankful she chose you.

Choose to love, cherish and nurture the heart. It is to be adored, praised, respected and protected.

And if you cant see this remarkable beauty and value in her, then you at least need to release it with the possibility it can be discovered by someone else who will feel and see all those things you couldn’t see or chose not to hold on to.

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