Real Talk : Stay Present, Accept and Build Wisely

You must remember no matter how bad things seem to get that its all part of your journey.. Its all part of your story. I really believe that every single thing we go through in life, good, bad, terrible, crazy, sad – its all to teach us lessons, help us to get to the next place on our journey…

Sometimes it can be hard to understand this or see it at the time, but trying to be present in the moment helps you from becoming anxious through out these times… Just focus on the now, and what you have to do to put 1 foot in front of the other… The only reason we feel fear or get scared about whats ahead of us or why something is happening is because we over think it, and imagine it before it happens…. sometimes wishing things could go back to the way things were is just as bad.

STAY PRESENT through your struggles!

If you want to progress through life, take the next step, you may have to sacrifice things or sometimes people. Time waits for no body.

When you look at successful people, we need to be able to look at them and realise the struggles and things they have been through to get to where they are.. I can promise you that majority of them have been through difficult times along the way, some have experienced major things all to attain and reach the high spot they are in now. A seed goes under the ground, loses the outside shell, then goes through struggles before growing into a big beautiful tree.

A little baby falls over many times when crawling whilst learning to walk.

Until we go through the pain, we cant achieve our goals… We have to experience fear and some times hardships to be get there! Remember difficult times create strong and successful people.

To CHANGE YOUR LIFE you need to change your priorities

If we accept that the bottom line to life is happiness and not the success then it makes perfect sense to say that its all about the journey to get to the destination, but the “destination” never actually comes as we are continuously following our paths through life, taking tuns left and right and going up and down…

ACCEPTANCE – Helps us to move forward

Recognising an existing problem that needs to be solved, its hard. We feel afraid of accepting because we believe that it will crush us to pieces. But when you choose to be accepting, you say hey its alright.. its all part of it! You will not vanish! You will just be slightly broken, and picking up the pieces and putting the puzzle together again is all about the lessons.


Think of yourself as the carpenter. Think about your house, Every day you hammer a nail, you lay a brick, you put up walls, and fill gaps. Its the only life you will ever build… Even if you it for one more day, that day needs to be lived with full energy, positive thoughts, full of ambition, gratitude and love. Your attitudes today and the choices you make will be your life tomorrow… so build it wisely!


Life gives you back everything you give it…

You must remember when life seems to be at its end….. its just beginning my little friends.

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